End U.S. Imperialism - "Coalition Against U.S. Foreign Military Bases"

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Pretend you're at a carnival game booth and when you knock a U.S. foreign military base off the map you get a cute little stuffed animal. For every subsequent base you knock off, you can trade up for a bigger prize. Maybe even free health care and college education FOR ALL! `

"But What about ISIS"? or ALL WAR IS A LIE

Most of the left, not to mention the right, are falling again for the false narratives, lies and propaganda coming from our government, the Trump regime, and the oligarchy owned and controlled media regarding the supposed ceasefire in Syria, agreements with Russia and Trump's decisions and actions in "fighting terrorism".

No wonder the antiwar movement is almost dead during a period of unprecedented war.

"What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?"


4th of July. Fireworks. Hotdogs, parades, veterans, flags, songs, parties, illusions, delusions.

Go ahead and party Americans. You are the king of the world, the purveyors of righteousness and democracy. The "exceptional nation" gets to throw down it's hair and tell the world, "look at us! we're free! and you're NOT!!"

Would you Kill for Single Payer?

Bernie Sanders, Nina Turner, the Justice Democrats and the People's Summit democratic party cadre, the so called "progressive insurgency" of the democratic party, have made it clear that U.S. imperialism and the accompanying wars, regime changes, country balkanizations, and millions of deaths and brutal evictions are not high on their list of "issues".

"A Sanders-led Party would still be an imperialist, pro-war party.”

Glen Ford of the Black Agenda Report takes down Bernie Sanders and the Democratic party in his recent article, "Why Bernie Sanders is an Imperialist Pig". First he rightly places the Democratic party as the "Warmonger-in-Chief political institution in the United States at this historical juncture" because of the "orchestrated propaganda blitzkrieg against Russia by the Democratic Party.

Mad Dog Mattis Changes Color Coded Enemy List, Just for Now


I have not disclosed this information before this essay, so this is an exclusive of sorts. I've been secretly conducting a secret experiment, secretly, subjecting myself to often intense and prolonged traumatic situations to test a theory regarding the total elimination of the effects of propaganda.

I am now completely immune to propaganda.

Syria: Lies Fuel War and Genocide

Lies Fuel War and Genocide

I am getting frustrated with some of the blatant bullshit coming out of the pro Assad social media brigade which is, for the most part is supportive of extreme international facism, racist pigs, and in some cases as full of bullshit and genocidal evil ideology as the Al Qaedah/ISIS religious fanatics/Turkish affiliated fascists they fight.

American Ruling Class, Killing Children as "After Dinner Entertainment"

Evidently one of Trump's billionaire cabinet buddies, US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, told an audience at an economic conference in California on Monday that the illegal missile strike in Syria was “after-dinner entertainment”.

His remark drew laughter from the audience.