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Fake News Alert - Rape Expected to be Legalized in Europe for Muslim Migrants

So says Alex Jones at Infowars.


Western Europe on path to legalize rape committed by migrants

My brother sent me this link this morning saying he didn't know if it was true or not but he thought it was interesting.

The okeydoke that Americans were supposed to get

When the Deep State is preparing for a war it uses a lot of propaganda to get the people onboard.

Granted, that first sentence is so obvious as to be laughable. Of course, we are propagandized into supporting wars. But even at this late stage of the United States most Americans don’t recognize what is propaganda. That’s why stating the obvious is necessary.

Today's humor (1/13/17): Maggie Hassan't a Clue

With all the gloom and doom awaiting us on January 20, with all the talk about CIA-led coup, with all the talk about...well, just about anything, I realize it is time to prescribe a dose of Humor (remember humor is not habit-forming and no one has overdosed on it).

The Fix for Fake News? Give us Tools, not Censorship.

Restrictions on free speech are all the craze now in Western Democracies (Demockrazies?). In the US, we’ve got the various “protect the people from fake news” initiatives. Of course, the self-appointed and designated “protectors” are Corporate and Government entities, mixed with billionaires who think they are as good and wise as Buddha, Solomon, and all the Saints. (Said blessing comes with one’s first billion dollars, apparently.)