Democratic Party

Adjusting One's Political Expectations for 2018

The monopolies that own the elected Federal Government were always a known-known in America. That hasn't changed.

Yesterday, in the (Must Read if You Hope to be Informed in the US) Evening Blues, our news curator, joe shikspack, directed us with a simple link to an attempted interview with Chris Hedges, which was posted at Naked Capitalism.

Parts of the interview, by John Siman, are a study in "sentence fragment syndrome" as a sign that a finger in the dike is all that is standing between you and a deluge of uncanny clarity pouring forth from one of the foremost towering minds in American culture today — Chris Hedges.

On voting and not voting

I want to address some misconceptions, and hopefully clear the air about a few things.

First all I want to say - I get it. I understand why someone wouldn't want to vote.
The system is rigged. It's obvious. By giving it your vote you are giving it legitimacy.
Why would you want to do that?
It's like gambling in a card game that you know is rigged ahead of time. It's throwing away time and money.