Democratic Party

A long overdue Civil War is coming to the Democratic Party

Before I talk about the Democrats, let me just say that if Trump loses (and it appears that he will), the GOP will descend into a civil war that will make the Democrat's civil war look mild in comparison. Trump's hyper-loyal base has gone off the deep end, immersing itself in konspiracy theories while rejecting logic and fact-based reality. It's not a group that will simply accept their hero losing.

The Democratic Party died last night.

The Klinton/oligarch/CIA faction has finally managed to kill its' host as parasites do. This must surely be one of the most unedifying spectacles of modern times, a group of cowardly intriguers so frightened of one 79 yr. old senator from a small state that they were willing to destroy a venerable institution which has been a part of the history of this nation since the early 1800s rather than allow that senator to claim an earned victory in a small state.