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Sanders Weasels Out, to Propose Public Option

Progress takes time, baby steps. If you want something, you have to start at the bottom and work your way up. That's the way Bernie Sanders sees it with health care for Americans. Instead of demanding a single payer health care system NOW, like that described in HR 676, a legitimate single payer plan that now has 72 cosponsors in Congress, Bernie thinks it's "prudent" to improve Obamacare first by adding a public option to it, to "work toward" Medicare for all.

Mark Blyth refuses to let Democrats off the hook

Mark Blyth is a Scottish political scientist and a professor of international political economy at Brown Universit. Blyth first came to my attention when his prediction of Trump's electoral victory--and how it was tied to the vote for Brexit--was widely shared after the USA election.

Sane Progressive takes apart Justice Democrats, Democrats, and Bernie

Since I posted and defended efforts by the Justice Democrats to "do something, anything", I thought I should follow it up with these videos by the Sane Progressive. There are rebuttals to her on YouTube that make the case that "reform is hard, a new party impossible".

The folks who currently own the Democratic Party are busy "taking it back"

The big news this week is apparently that while all the nice liberals were busy planning protests against a President who won't have done anything yet, the nice people whose campaign blunders gave us this President have been very busy keeping the Democratic Party in their own hands.

So for instance we have this piece, from Counterpunch:

Water Crisis in Syria, "We think it was worth it."

syrian water.jpg

Water contamination and a water blockade have been occurring in Damascus, Syria which evidently involves the White Helmets, the Nobel Peace prize nominated, NATO sponsored, terrorist affiliated, propaganda "organization". If it involves the White Helmets, it also involves the U.S. and Britain.

Jimmy Dore Blows the Doors off the Democratic Party Tonight

Yup, I like Jimmy Dore and the Jimmy Dore Show... but tonight he was on fire. I am talking 10 videos, all of them worth watching, and if you follow Jimmy, this is actually quite a rare event, so I guess he had a few things on his mind... not only that, but they are almost all about the election, the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton and her cabal of losers.

Clinton's thank-you party for big bigly donors.... (yup, not fake)

In the realm of you can't make this shit up, I present to you exhibit A of the Democratic Party's imminent death. Idiots and charlatans, the whole lot.

Hillary Clinton shouldn't go on a "thank-you" tour, but a "I'm sorry" tour... she owes the whole fucking country an apology for Heir Pumpkinfuehrer.

Six Simple Ideas to Strengthen Democracy in America

Ms. Liberty Bears Six Good Ideas

Fair and reliable elections, an informed citizenry, wide participation in governance -- these are cornerstones of democracy. But the recent election in the U.S.A. has pointed out serious cracks in those stones. Gerrymandered districts weakened voters of one party, and made races non-competitive. Recently-erected hurdles stopped many from voting. Big media focused on the horse race, and ignored policy issues. Persons trafficked in misleading and fake news on social media. And, in the end, demagogy and crackpottery carried the day. What follows are six simple ideas that can, I think, be easily implemented, and that might well go a long way toward fixing those cracks and strengthening our democracy.

Thomas Frank on Democratic Party: "They don't care"

This video, less than 5 minutes long, deserves to stand by itself.
The money quotes is 3:20 in, when Thomas Frank is asked how the Democrats can win back the working class.

Based on Shumer and Pelosi being selected to lead, it really does appear the Democrats are beyond saving.

The real Democratic Party (with a nod to gjohnsit)

The Democratic Party symbol or logo should be the Montgolfier Balloon. It is an archaic contrivance dependent upon hot air to rise. What we think it is and what we think we know of it is largely myth, and the insiders, elites, and powers that be not only promulgate some myths themselves, but possibly even believe some of them.

Let's start -- the "party of the people", the liberal, or progressive party. Heh. Snapshots follow, form your own thesis.

The bait and switch playbook

If you're the "Conservative" base, the Republicans will promise to prevent or halt social progress of one kind or another. (The crazier ones will promise to turn back social progress) They'll blame problems with the economy on reckless liberal policies. They'll say that getting government out of the way of business will allow the jobs to come pouring in.

In the name of God, go.

Somehow or other we must get into the Government men who can match our enemies in fighting spirit, in daring, in resolution and in thirst for victory. Some 300 years ago, when this House found that its troops were being beaten again and again by the dash and daring of the Cavaliers, by Prince Rupert’s Cavalry, Oliver Cromwell spoke to John Hampden. In one of his speeches he recounted what he said.

New Doc ' Still Berning ' Fills In Some Blanks for #NotMeUs ?

I voted for Jill Stein when she ran against Obama, gave money to Bernie when he ran in the primary, voted for Stein and other Greens by mail awhile back.

Like others here still not happy with the way things turned out with the Sanders campaign and especially not happy with how the DNC did what they did.

Found a new Dutch documentary via Twitter today that was interesting.