It was a barn burner.

Columbia Township, Brooklyn, Michigan.
6:30 pm.
I was one of 3 (three) people at the polling place. Yeah. We're rural but not boonies.
Asked those who were there about attendance and was told it was very low.
Had the absolutely wonderful display by another attendee telling her young children who were with her.......
"We always vote republican."
Democracy at it's finest.

A Little Light for the Clouded Enlightenment

Image: On Jeopardy facts win; The Paragraph

The United States is the world's first liberal democracy, a product of the The Enlightenment. As such, the founders built it on the principles of unity, liberty, tolerance and equal rights. And they designed it to make policy based on factual knowledge and bathed in the light of reason. But, today, in the time of Trump, factual knowledge is getting clouded over in several ways.

It Isn’t Men Against Women, It’s Theocracy Against Democracy

In the current debate concerning the proliferation of anti abortion laws, I keep hearing how men want to control women’s bodies. But this argument is belied by the number of women who support these bills including the governor of Alabama who signed their bill into law almost as soon as it was passed by the legislature.