bernie sanders

It's Time

I've lost all patience with moderates, centrists, incrementalists and mainstream establishment democrats who think the status quo is not so bad, just needs a little tweaking around the edges. They'd be satisfied just getting rid of Trump – which is fine as far as that goes, it just doesn't go nearly far enough.

Neoliberal Clintonites working hard to undermine the Democratic front-runner

It's been said before that establishment Democrats would rather lose to a Republican than win with a leftist, but now we have proof. That proof comes in the form of smears by center-right, Clinton loyalists who are working overtime to undermine the obvious Democratic front-runner, Bernie Sanders.

Reports: Biden, O’Rourke Prepping to Enter 2020 Dem Presidential Primary

Various news reports, over the past couple of days, have indicated that former Vice President Joe Biden and former Texas Congressman Beto O’Rourke are preparing to enter the overcrowded, 2020 Democratic Presidential Primary fray.

(Personally, I think Biden's candidacy is still iffy; but, these latest stories are indicating he's making moves to enter the race.)