bernie sanders

That makes TWO lives Bernie has saved this past year

Imagine for a moment that Trump, or Biden, or Mayor Pete saved someone's life.
The headlines would be screaming it. Their campaigns would be pushing the story hard.
It would make incredibly good PR.
...and then there is the Sanders campaign, which is like no other political campaign in my lifetime.

Remember this from late 2018?

Bernie defends Tulsi, so naturally Russia loves Bernie again

The Clinton Dead-Enders aren't very clever or original, but they can stick to a script.
First Bernie defends Tulsi from baseless smears.

BBC World News reports Bernie Sanders heart surgery

From the BBC World News article:

The 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, 78, has been in hospital to receive two stents for an arterial blockage.

He was admitted after experiencing chest pain during a campaign event on Tuesday evening in Las Vegas, Nevada.