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Laugh to Keep From Crying: John & Bernie Edition

I don't k inow about you, but I feel like I got painfully whacked up the side of my twice between Tuesday night and Wednesday afternoon.

Lost two story telling and truth telling folks I greatly admired. Neither made it all the way to the top of the pop culture charts. But have been passionately cared about within their spheres of influence. In fact, I'll bet you a tall cool one that fans of one were fans of fans of both.

Life will go on ... I guess. There will be other reasons to laugh and to hope and to cheer.

For now ... lets begin today's "laugh to keep from crying" session with these two gentle men

sole survivor.png

As always, post 'em if ya got 'em

Bernie Sanders has won the Democrats Abroad primary

          Sanders won 58 percent of the vote, which included just under 40,000 Americans living abroad, and Sanders will be awarded nine delegates to the national convention over the summer, according to the release from Democrats Abroad. Biden won 23 percent of the vote and will take home four delegates.