Tulsi Continues: April 03, 2019 (Donors, Dore, Iversen)

The Tulsi2020 campaign continues to gain unique donors, closing in on the magic number. As of tonight, Tulsi has 61,029 of them, and needs only 3,971 more to get into the Democratic debates. That's only 97 new donors per day through May 14.

Tulsi's interview with Jimmy Dore is now on YouTube in two parts. Pretty decent interview (almost 150,000 views on the first one!).

Part 1 Jimmy Dore Tulsi Interview

Part 2 Jimmy Dore Tulsi Interview

Also, it looks as though Kim Iversen will soon show her interview with Tulsi, and today posted a preview of it:

Kim Iversen Tulsi Interview Preview

Some interesting items in all of those clips!

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Tulsi didn't join in the standing ovation for NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg during his warmongering speech to the US Congress on Weds. Good for her.

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with Tulsi Gabbard so far. Tracey has allowed Tulsi to explain the nuances of her foreign policy stands concerning regime change, war, and fighting terrorism. I do not believe any other interviewer has been able to bring out those distinctions.

I hope people will take the time to listen to Tracey's interview. It is posted on YouTube, but it is an audio interview only. Tracey does a nice introduction to both parts of the interview which was conducted over two days.


I am looking forward to Kim Iversen's interview too.

Thank you for the updates on the donations to Tulsi's campaign. She should make it to the debates unless they decide to move the goal posts again. And I would not put that past the DNC. They are terrified of her.

One last thing. I am linking a short article posted on a very conservative website about why everyone (especially the Democrats) is so afraid of Tulsi.

In a very interesting yet largely ignored interview with liberal freelance reporter Michael Tracey, Gabbard explained just why her campaign is seen as poison by so many on the progressive left. She is quite simply not willing to abandon her anti-hawkish foreign policy beliefs to facilitate political attacks against Trump.

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Blue Onyx

Update: Mention of striking a Grand Bargain always makes me nervous--even though none of the Dem lawmakers tipped their hand, regarding what it would entail. (i.e., whether or not it would affect/slash so-called entitlements) See April 2 piece, below.

‘It could all go terribly wrong’: Congress braces for next fiscal cliff

A looming battle between President Donald Trump and Democrats over government spending and the debt limit could make the 35-day government shutdown look like a blip.

A series of budget deadlines converge in the coming months that could leave Washington on the precipice of another shutdown, $100 billion in automatic spending cuts and a full-scale credit crisis. And lawmakers are openly worried about stumbling over the edge.

“It could all go terribly wrong,” House Budget Committee Chairman John Yarmuth (D-Ky.) said. . . .

The first key question for Democrats and Republicans is whether to try to strike a deal that would lift the debt ceiling and budget caps at the same time. Entangling the two — in theory — would offer just enough incentive for both parties to hold their noses and ink the deal.

“That’s what deals are for — to put some things in that one side doesn't love and some things that the other side doesn't love,” said Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a top Democratic spending negotiator. “Sweeteners and bitter pills for both — and hope that we get there.”.

A broader accord could also relieve some pressure on party leaders in both the House and Senate. Republicans, for instance, would be hard-pressed to vote against boosting the Pentagon budget, while Democrats rarely, if ever, vote against raising the debt limit.

That could deliver just enough votes for an otherwise unpopular budget deal — expected to total as much as $350 billion over two years, aides say — that will inevitably become a partisan battle over funding in the first full year of a Democratic House and Republican Senate.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer has told other Democratic leaders that they should not rule out a broader deal.

“It should remain an option to do them together and remove two major drivers of uncertainty at the same time before that uncertainty metastasizes,” a Democratic aide said of his thinking.

But the tactic could also backfire. . . .

Some top Democrats have begun quietly pushing for a grand bargain to simultaneously raise the debt ceiling and Congress’ stiff budget caps — avoiding market turmoil and staving off harsh cuts to domestic and defense programs, according to multiple lawmakers and aides. . . .

Need to keep eyes peeled and ears open; especially, considering Yarmuth's previous statements.

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Dem Budget Committee Chair Yarmuth, December 13, 2018, "Newsmakers" -
"Ultimately, we are going to have to 'deal with' programs like Medicare, and Medicaid, and Social Security, and, ah, it's one of those things that's going to have to be done on a bipartisan basis, because "nobody wants to walk the plank on those."


Beware! Yarmuth wants to strike a so-called "Grand Bargain" with Republicans. See C-Span video, above.

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