Jimmy Dore

Jimmy Dore Just Left TYT. Like With Jimmy Baldwin, A Strong Backbone Is Neccessary When Criticizing The Fear Mongering of Lesser-Of-Two-Evil Voting.

On Friday afternoon I noticed on my YouTube account page that there was a little icon saying that there was a new Jimmy Dore video, and under it said "Live Now." There was also something saying that there were over 8k viewers at that moment. So I clicked on.

Tulsi Continues: April 03, 2019 (Donors, Dore, Iversen)

The Tulsi2020 campaign continues to gain unique donors, closing in on the magic number. As of tonight, Tulsi has 61,029 of them, and needs only 3,971 more to get into the Democratic debates. That's only 97 new donors per day through May 14.

Tulsi's interview with Jimmy Dore is now on YouTube in two parts. Pretty decent interview (almost 150,000 views on the first one!).

What We Need Is An Amazon Workers' Strike Similar to Recent European One But Coordinated Worldwide/Confront The Biggest Monopoly/Examples From "The Invisible Committe"

Hey folks. With the little time I have was compelled to spontaneously throw something together for consideration.

Was just watching a couple of Jimmy Dore segments covering two European strike stories. They would appear to me to have some powerful ramifications, which naturally then seem to be MIA at the MSM.

Dore Asks: Who’s More Corrupt, Democrats Or Republicans?

Really interesting discussion in this video. I won't give away the answer, but you know who is more corrupt, don't you. They talk about Trump being just a symptom of the real problem that this is now an Oligarchy, not a Democracy.

Special guest - Richard Eskow, Bernie Sanders' writer during his presidential campaign.

Jimmy Dore: California Democrats Just Made The Death Of Net Neutrality Much Worse

CA Democrats just slammed through a bill that creates the worst gutting of Net Neutrality in the country -- all for their buddies the ISPs (Comcast, et al). Yes, you heard that right - the freakin' Democrats.

- ISPs can charge websites and small businesses "access fees" to reach customers, blocking any website that does not pay.

Yep. Jimmy Dore nails it

"This is all it takes to take down democracy?"

Enemies: Bernie. Jill.

"The end game is to dismantle the Progressive Left"

"I told your this would happen"

"I so don't want to be in your shitty club"

Via Face the Sphincter "So John Podesta, "How come these Russians knew to focus on WI and MI and your campaign did not?""

Oh my.

LIVE NOW: Jimmy Dore Going Up Against TYT In Livestreaming the SOTU Live.

I had absolutely no interest at all of watching that insufferable, thin-skinned moron.

But went to YouTube to check in on my subscriptions and there it was. Thought those in the C99community who might be interested in watching it would probably prefer watching the great Jimmy Dore cover it over pretty much anyone else.

Here ya go: