Jimmy Dore

The Tragedy that is Unfolding Before Us -- Update 5:45 pm

Last night Jimmy Dore had Dylan Ratigan on to talk about the latest "stimulus " bill that Congress passed without the Senators and Representatives even having a chance to read and study all 5,593 pages of this pork laden bill. Only two Democrats in the House voted against this bill, Tulsi Gabbard and Rashida Tlaib. Here is the log of the votes in the Senate. Bernie voted for it so he has zero right to complain about the Republicans or the bill.

My problem with Jimmy Dore

I voted for Ralph Nader in 2000 and I don't regret it. I clearly remember defending Ralph Nader on DKos from blue-check partisans that blamed him for the Democrats defeat.
They like to point out that Nader got 24,000 votes in Florida. Most of those votes were not from Democrats.
I would reply "what gives you the right to expect votes from other parties? And why do you not blame the 240,000 Democrats who voted for Bush?"

The Coronavirus is Finishing the Collapse of America

This is the subtitle of an article published on Medium by Umair Haque. Ironically, the day before Jimmy Dore called our attention to this article in a conversation with Dylan Ratigan, our own Steven D posted a comment in reply to a tweet on Twitter. I saw his comment and added my own. Our two comments may be more prescient than either of us realized at the time we posted them.