Election Fraud Lies: The Full List of Essays

This is a list of the essays in my Election Fraud Lies series. Down below is a list of my other 2020 election-related essays. I've been working to generate buzz for c99 by linking the relevant essay in response to election fraud comments on Fox News and other alternative-fact media.

The Election Fraud Lies Series

  1. Election Fraud Lies: MI to NY to PA Ballot Scam & Shuffle
  2. Election Fraud Lies: Over 432,000 Votes Removed From Trump in Pennsylvania, Data Scientists Say
  3. Election Fraud Lies: Georgia Election Data Shows 17,650 Votes Switched From Trump to Biden
  4. Election Fraud Lies: Too Few Smithski Live in Pennsylvania
  5. Election Fraud Lies: Antrim County MI Forensics Report - Part 1
  6. Election Fraud Lies: Affidavits - The Spyder's Web
  7. Election Fraud Lies: Michigan's Mysterious 3am Biden Votes
  8. Election Fraud Lies: Michigan's Executive Branch Illegally Changed Election Laws
  9. Election Fraud Lies: The Methods Behind the Lies
  10. Election Fraud Lies: Pennsylvania's Dominion Voting Machines Cost Trump the Election
  11. Election Fraud Lies: Pennsylvania Poll Workers Cast 200,000 Illegal Ballots for Biden
  12. Election Fraud Lies: Georgia's Republican Legislature Will Anoint Trump as President
  13. Election Fraud Lies: The Duopoly Behind Election Fraud Claims
  14. Election Fraud Lies: Fractional Voting Stole the 2020 Election
  15. Election Fraud Lies: ChiComs Under the Dominion Bed
  16. Election Fraud Lies: The Kraken Part 1 - Who Stole The Spellcheck?
  17. Election Fraud Lies: The Kraken Part 2 - Michigan Kraken Dies in Voting Accident
  18. Election Fraud Lies: The Kraken Hath Kroaketh

Other 2020 Election Essays

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truth seeking and telling. Thank you edg. What a gift.

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I too want to say, GREAT job edg! I didn't read all of all of them, too busy presently to even comment much here. But did read a lot of them, and have appreciated your work on this. Thanks!

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We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.
both - Albert Einstein

That EDG has kicked some serious straw meme butt.

On some other real-world concrete matters, sometimes not so much. Not having gotten much in the way of response to a number of things I've attempted to raise with him, I'll just re-present a couple here (the original comments are kind of lengthy - follow the links to them if interested)

Since he has clearly stated "I will no longer respond or react to any of your shit-stirring garbage comments." I naturally don't expect an EDG response, but perhaps someone else would like to have a go at explaining how it is plausible that in PA, where Republicans had an 85,000 margin statewide (total for House races in all 18 CD's) Trump somehow loses by 80,000...

or addressing other points raised in my "First of all, I question your thesis" comment on

Election Fraud Lies: Pennsylvania Poll Workers Cast 200,000 Illegal Ballots for Biden

In a later essay Election Fraud Lies: Fractional Voting Stole the 2020 Election

EDG explains why Dominion systems have a weighted vote/fractionalization capability
(he claims elsewhere that MI could not have used the weighted vote function because they did not purchase that option).

After (in a comment) having dismissed Sidney Powell's GA and MI filings and finding them "laughable", he declined to respond to various specifics (which I raised in a comment entitled "laughable")in the affidavit re: Michigan of Russell Ramsland, including the claim that Dominion's raw feed there was putting out fractionalized results.

EDG made an executive determination that Ramsland is "a fucking idiot" and therefore absolved himself of any obligation to address his claims. As it happens, though, Ramsland has not had the decency to just go away and his Allied Security Operations Group were the one who, the other day, were allowed to conduct a forensic audit of Dominion's machines in the course of a lawsuit by a Antrim County, MI voter.

Their preliminary report makes for interesting reading, including this bit on about page 17 or so in the "Error Rates" section where it says,

"In the logs we identified that the RCV (Ranked Choice Voting) was enabled."

Now, I don't expect EDG to lower himself to dealing with this, but I included the links in case someone else would be interested sorting out the duelling claims that about whether the Antrim situation was limited and the result of human error (as the MI SoS maintains) or whether (as the ASOG/Ramsland audit contends) it was *not* and that inherent features of the software and lax security practices are at fault.

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