Confessions of a broken-hearted Tulsicrat

Nobody ever accused alligators of being all that smart, except perhaps Pogo (Sobek love him). So, when I started getting wet behind the ears as the saying goes--or at least, one saying goes. There are more sayings than that. For one, I am fond of interspersing wise musings from the past into essays--this may often be done without attribution, in order to promote an aura of my cleverness. You may cease laughing for the moment and listen respectfully as I recite my political stupidity.

Tulsi will campaign after DNC convention: A Sun Tzu analysis of Tulsi's campaign

Here in my SoCal swamp, I have the pleasure and sweet sorrow of being able to vote for Tulsi twice this year. The first time will be in several hours when I trudge to the local polling precinct. There, being registered as No Party Preference NPP, which is the official designation in the Golden Fleecing State given to Independents registered to vote, my privilege will be to request AND receive a Dem primary ballot.

Tulsi condemns Erdogan as being a vicious dictator

Have you ever heard anybody in the USG (U.S. government) in the last 10 years saying the truth about the "moderate rebels", aka the moderate head choppers? In fact they'll only cut half your head off.

When's the last time somebody said that the head of an allied country was a malignant dictator?

Not only does Tulsi have the guts to say this, she is trying to get a Stop Arming Terrorists Act passed. I do not believe Nancy P. is gonna let that happen.

Tulsi's campaign is still alive

I am of two minds concerning posting this essay on the tail of my previous effort about the Economy. Some of you are of the belief, perhaps correctly that I have less than a half-mind, for publishing my earlier blasphemy against Saint Bernie a few hours ago.

Be that as it may, there is still hope.

Tulsi Gabbard's latest appeal to Democrats

It comes from a man named Cody Two Bears.

He begins his message with this:

Where are the indigenous voices? The women of color? The warriors for peace? The people like Tulsi who time and time again have stood on the front lines of the most important challenges facing our nation.

Tulsi is all of those things, but mostly she’s a leader who shows up.

Mr Two Bears continues:

If / when elected Tulsi should select Andy Yang for VP

Face the facts, folks:

Darnold Trump is re-elected hugely in 2020
Democratic party collapses post-election
Operation Boomerang starts sizzling by New Year's Day
Tulsi Gabbard WILL be president--but not yet.

My prophecy is to be believed, by the Living God Sobek, to whom I pray when hungry:

The God Sobek

Tulsi Gabbard's Latest E-Mail

I found this e-mail very inspiring:

If you haven’t read the “Afghanistan Papers” investigation published by The Washington Post this week, I recommend you do.  It exposes the betrayal and failed leadership of successive administrations. And points to the urgent need for a commander-in-chief who has the necessary experience, understanding, and foresight to bring about a sea change in our foreign policy.

Tulsi's possible destruction of the Democrat Party with Catalytic Aid from HRC

Based upon recent happenings in the Dem's Klown Kavalcade, a plausible construct can be achieved during this 2020 Primary that the party is busy sawing off the stem of the tree branch which supports them all. Dems have been notoriously incompetent in their Trump coup, though it isn't for lack of trying. I remember a video of a wren, trapped inside a house, trying to fly through the closed picture window door.