DNC releases slowly acting viral process for which there is no cure--ExiTULSI

Medical convention is that the disease discoverer has the absolute right to name an illness after him or her or their selves. Thus, having discovered a new virus, which has been hiding in plain sight, it should be prudent to describe to those who may yet be contaminated by Clintonian Concepts its method of disease including epidemiology (i.e., how it spreads), nature of disruptive agent (e.g., what type of critter is it), and how it develops over time (pathophysiology).

Mike Gravel you're confusing me

From the WSJ

Mike Gravel Endorses Tulsi Gabbard — and Bernie Sanders

Former Alaska Sen. Mike Gravel may have left the race for president, but he’s not going away.

After he endorsed Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders Tuesday, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard’s presidential campaign said Wednesday he had endorsed her bid, and released a statement from him.

Tulsi Deserves It: She Pretty Much Doxxed Harris

Let's face it, people. Tulsi was completely out of line.

Bringing up a Democratic candidates ACTUAL RECORD on a debate state is no different than Doxxing. Completely unfair and unprovoked attack - I mean, what did Kamala's record ever actually do to Tulsi?

And if you don't believe that Tulsi doxxed Harris, I give you all the Twitter activity of Russian Trolls pushing Tulsi. QED.

Trey Gowdy: Tulsi would be strongest Democrat versus Trump

Once I was a Berniecrat--but then I grew up. People get divorced after 40 years of marriage. Why? Things change, even imperceptibly until the end of decades before the realization hits. "It just ain't so, no more"--that's a sad song, we all have sung. But some need to keep on singing, while others find alternative things to do with their time--such as other interests, often divergent from long-held earlier views.

Only Tulsi will get Medicare for all to pass

But it won't be this year. Tulsi is playing the long game. She is building name recognition and with that name recognition, she will be publicizing her political stances. Tulsi does agree that Trump is not ideal, but those opinions are relegated to a minor point during her campaign appearances. She is forward-looking, issue-oriented. You will not hear Tulsi mentioning Trump 76 times in one speech like Creepy, corrupt Joe Biden did last week in Iowa.

IVN Poll you never heard of had Tulsi at 35%

Make of it what you will, but you'll never be allowed to see these kinds of polls on mainstream media, where they often don't even put her on the polls.

Remember heading into 2016 there were polls showing Jill Stein surging late at 22%. Most polls had her at 8%, but hadn't budged since DemExit, when other polls said she was surging. Then the election and Jill gets 1%.

Tulsi passes the mark to debate stage

TULSI 2020
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