If / when elected Tulsi should select Andy Yang for VP

Face the facts, folks:

Darnold Trump is re-elected hugely in 2020
Democratic party collapses post-election
Operation Boomerang starts sizzling by New Year's Day
Tulsi Gabbard WILL be president--but not yet.

My prophecy is to be believed, by the Living God Sobek, to whom I pray when hungry:

The God Sobek

Septagenarians disappear from the political scene COMPLETELY by 2024


Ra Ammon

Raving Wacko

Hereupon continues my rant:

Disclosure: appended/inserted into the body (ugh!) of the written corpus herein is the following declaration, not under penalty of perjury. No insult is intended, real or real, to any person, institution, species. Retractions gleefully published upon receipt of written complaints, declinations, assignations, etc. I certify (by Sobek) that the following verbiage is my own product. No foreign source or sources have funded my work although contributions from such sources is happily welcomed.

Credit is owed to the Mills Climate Change Organization for making available to the author the following video (wait for it--you don't get off so easily. Your eyeballs must flicker through more lines of this essay)

The Des Moines Register's interview is the first time I paid any in-depth attention to Mr. Yang. Previously, my campaign interest centered around the following issues:

1. which liar politician would fold first. This usually boils down to one of three ( 1 - 3 ) issues:
A. Death
B. "Friendly persuasion" by rival faction
C. Running out of money

2. wondering if ByeDone could physically/mentally survive the campaign w/wo criminal investigation.

3. hoping upon hope that H. Rodent Clinton re-enters presidential politics, besotting it forever

Zoink! Struck by a thunderbolt or something, I became aware of Tulsi Gabbard. I have dismissed Mr. Sanders from my personal aspirations in what we (meaning me and perhaps no-one else) should expect the character of our presidents to possess. Political love at first sight.

4. In depth following of Tulsi and perforce the anti-war movement

5. many sessions of laughter induced by looking at MSM publications, both printed and video. Worth the price.

Here is why Tulsi should select Yang for V.P....when she is elected

Tulsi is the tip of a transformative "spearhead" into the fabric of the Elites. A sharp, hard point is necessary to pierce through the thick bindings coalescing the Deep State (DS) together. Blunt force, equivalent to attempt at persuasion, will not succeed. This only results in a push-of-war (similar to a tug-of-war) resulting in competing monologues whether truthful or not.

Tulsi is tough. Proven. Tulsi is fearless. Proven.

Tulsi's message is simple. It needs to be. The public cannot intellectually digest, say, a seven-point program for restoring the economy. But everyone can understand the strong, simple, persuasive argument to end needless wars (and very few are ever needed).

Too much detail will sink any viable campaign. Look at Lizzy Warren's I have a plan for this meme. But since the devil is in the details, then we need someone who clearly explains those details, indicating reasons for adoption or refusal. Yang does this. He is a compassionate, intelligent gentleman who understands the common person's daily life. Clearly, Andy is not a politician. He is much too straight-forward than that.

Sitting close to Tulsi, he will make an admirable counselor. In less corrupt times, if such ever existed, he would make a fine president. But he lacks the hard, tough Tulsi edge. This is no criticism of Andy. I have no doubt he doesn't care if anyone calls him Andy either.

So, to you Tulsi and to you Andy, I say Come On, Come On

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I also hope she runs in 2020... so we can finally put her out of our misery once and for all!

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"I say enough! If Israel wants to be the only superpower in the Middle East then they can put their own asses on the line and do it themselves. I want to continue to eat."
-- snoopydawg

I'll use the format to converse. Here are the possible outcomes:
1, Bernie is cheated again in the primaries.
2, Bernie loses legitimately in the primaries.
In either scenario the Democraps will almost certainly be annihilated and America will become a dystopian hell until global heat death or a nuclear winter kills us all.
3, Bernie wins the nomination but the Democraps sabotage the general. Once again the Democraps will probably get annihilated and humanity goes extinct, but there is a possibility that the deep state will also throw the downballot to the Democraps. this will not matter in the least.
4, Bernie wins the Presidency but his coattails do not sweep in berniecrats. Bernie spends the next 2 years fighting for programs that will all be doa and campaigning to primary berniecrat challengers, but win or lose it will be too late, global heat death will kill us all.
5, Bernie wins, but because he did not go indie and win in 2016 there will not be a berniecrat wave in the legislative branch. Global heat death or a nuclear winter, but at least there is a slim chance someone like Tulsi (or less likely a Gavin Newsome) will rise up and carry on and humanity will not go extinct.
So essentially I agree with you Gator, Tulsi must win in 2024, but if Bernie does not win in 2020 by 2024 Tulsi will either be disappeared or dead.

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On to Biden since 1973

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@doh1304 Gavin Newsome is a fucking disaster. He will not help climate change. He will only help himself an his cronies. Gavin was mayor of Needle City on the Bay. This is when the shit started to hit the streets, literally. Gavin pushed the Trump Must Release His Taxes law which even former Governor Moonbeam refused to sign. This purely partisan TDS law was struck down by Federal courts as he surely knew it would--yet Gaping Newsome insisted defending this lost cause in court, causing us Californicators lotsa money--none of it his. Demorats are good at supporting lost causes (Müller report, impeachment, H. Rodent Clinton, etc.) Yeah Gavin, how much money did you and your cronies skim from the Train-to-Nowhere, e.g. Cal Bullet (bullshit) train? Now the gaper, who is Nervous Nancy's son-in-law, wishes another go round for more funding. This time the Bullshit train will go from L.A. to L.V., thereby exporting Californicator money into another state. Is Newsome a silent partner in some casinos?

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@Alligator Ed
Gavin Newsome personally fucked me over for thousands of dollars when he was on the Board of Supervisors. He was only following Willie Brown's orders though, and word was that he didn't like it. It was a backroom deal with the taxi companies and they laughed in his face for being a flunkie.
I don't trust him, but he has demonstrated a good political instinct. When he ran for mayor he read the voters and attacked the homeless. He was the first pol to jump on the Obama bandwagon. (beating Kamala Not-the-wrestler by 15 minutes) It's no surprise that he wasted some taxpayer money on some Trump Hatred grandstanding - his mentor, Diane Feinswine, used that stunt with gun control. All I meant was that when the rats start getting headlines by jumping off the Democrap sinking ship he will be one of the first.

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On to Biden since 1973

a coalition of Congresswoman Gabbard and Senator Rand Paul. I know, he's a Republican. He's not only a Republican but also a Libertarian, or so I've read.

The Democratic Party elite and the Bush faction of the Republican Party, aka big oil/Saudi royalty, want to have a nuclear war. Gabbard and Paul are the only outspoken voices about the insanity of our entrenched political leadership.

I hope for a GABBARD/PAUL coalition in 2020.

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@Linda Wood regardless of "conservatism" or "progressivism". This could lead to a centrist but non-establishment (read Elite) party. Could be an interesting combination.

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