Tulsi Gabbard's latest appeal to Democrats

It comes from a man named Cody Two Bears.

He begins his message with this:

Where are the indigenous voices? The women of color? The warriors for peace? The people like Tulsi who time and time again have stood on the front lines of the most important challenges facing our nation.

Tulsi is all of those things, but mostly she’s a leader who shows up.

Mr Two Bears continues:

We need a candidate who can bridge the great and growing divide between Americans that ignores our common humanity. Our common dreams of shared health, wealth and happiness. I believe Tulsi is the ONLY candidate who can do this, and that’s why we need to stand with her now. When our voices are being silenced, and left off that debate stage. When we’re being out-raised and outspent by candidates who don’t represent ALL of us.


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money-wise and strategically for the campaign.

Donated twice and am tapped out for the momentbut did send the below to a few friends who are Tulsi-sympathetic.
Be hard for the media to continue to ignore her if she manages a decent showing in NH...

"Dear ------

Just a Tulsi update - she's been going all in in New Hampshire
and to a lesser extent S. Carolina. Had to write off Iowa but is
looking good in NH - the primary there is favorable to her because
the state is small enough she has the chance to make herself known to people directly and as it is an open primary independents and Republicans can vote for her.

If she can get on board with delegates (15% is threshold) and/or
beat one of the "top tier" candidates despite the media blackout
and skipping the debates then she has a (narrow, of course) way

*But* they are pretty desperate for $$ so if you're wondering what to do with all that extra money you no doubt have kicking around maybe you could defer the purchase of your private island and Beechcraft Baron for a bit and send them ten or twenty bucks - kind of a critical juncture..."

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