This ideological encirclement chart explains why we lost Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Back in March, I published a diary: Pivoting to the center doesn't help if you've been surrounded. It got some play back then, but I had sort of forgotten that piece. Eight month feels like a lifetime ago.

"Fifty Million Americans took back their Country"


I came across this article tonight, "American Uprising, Everything is about to Change" on a site called "Truth Revolt". People here like to complain about the Democrats and Daily Kos, here's the other side of the coin.

"This wasn’t an election. It was a revolution.

Did Jill Stein (voters) throw the election to Trump?

For the Mathematically and/or Integrity Challenged:

Jill Stein (and her voters) are being blamed for causing Hillary Clinton to lose to Trump. Lets see if that is even possible. I used data from the Politico website...there are probably variations in the "official" vote total at this point, and if you manage to find one that is enough different from this one to make a difference, then I would like to see it. For now, I have gone through every state via the Politico website, and these are the results I found.

One More Simpsons Prediction Comes True (Make that 2, actually)

So last night, Trumpy Boy won the presidency via the electoral college (Clinton barely won the popular vote, but that didn't stop certain folks from blaming already marginalized 3rd party voters for the loss). I'd like to thank The Simpsons for predicting yet another clusterfuck in world events.

First the tragedy, then the farce

if history repeats itself, as Karl Marx once suggested, first as a tragedy and the second time as a farce, there is nothing to laugh about.

I'm operating on the assumption that Trump will be strive to act out as the reincarnated Raygun. "Make America great again." Right out of a Raygun playbook: "...It's morning again in America, and under the leadership of President Reagan, our country is prouder and stronger and better."

We need a new campaign. Convince Donald.

One of the smartest thinks Trump could do is to hire Bernie in some advisory capacity. The fear we should all have is that Trump is going to be surrounded by Republican operatives. Let's start a campaign that brings Trump back to his democratic days.

Seriously. We need to move immediately to bring more liberal voices into his government. We need to stress this over at ToP etc. It is the only thing we can do.

Trump's casino bankruptcy case still helps shield Wall St from fraud cases today.

David Sirota over at IBT has been doing some amazing investigative work this cycle (some of it focused on Democrats). Along with Avi Ascher-Schapiro, he has an article today about a court case from the 1990s: How Donald Trump Used Fine Print To Make It Harder To Sue Wall Street For Fraud

To My Friends on the Left: Hillary Clinton Is Not the Enemy

Jeffrey Isaacs published a letter today in The Nation. I would quibble with a few things in it, for example, it is addressed to a successful professional audience and is somewhat oblivious to the travails of those who are not. Hillary’s foreign policy is certainly “within a bipartisan mainstream” as Issacs says. Yet this should only be taken as an indictment of this “bipartisan mainstream”.

WTF? Trump Speech. Oct 24.

Anyone who has read my essays knows I am an old time Latino anarcho-communist who supports revolutions such as those in Bolivia, Venezuela and most lately in Rosava. I have consistently denounced USA war crimes, crimes against humanity, corruption and subversion of our governments in Latin America and the Caribbean. I am no racist xenophobe, and couldn't be even if I had a psychological disability.

The Existential Election

This election is being portrayed as an existential choice-- Do we want democracy? Or do we want fascism? The problem with this framing is that it presents a false choice. Democracy isn't actually on the table.

Princeton released a study characterizing the US as an oligarchy. And our political elites--those we charge with protecting democracy--agree.

Can we stop pretending that norms have not changed?

Not for the first time, I find myself shaking my head at the apparent either:

A. lapse in recollection
B. somewhat startling contemporary obliviousness

exhibited by a whole lot of people with respect to "norms" of social-sexual behavior, and especially, what those norms were back in the 60s, 70s and 80s.

Trump lays Out Terms to The GOP For Him To Withdraw

***************Flash Snark News Alert***************

New tape surfaces of call between Trump and Priebus:

"Look Rience you weaselly faret face mother fucker I already told you, I will withdraw once I receive confirmation from my friend Vlad that you have deposited $100 million into my account in Moscow. Now get on it before I grab your balls."