No, the White Working Class is NOT responsible for Donald Trump

The narrative from liberal blogs and pundits is that poor, white-trash rednecks turned out in huge numbers to elect Donald Trump because they are stupid, or racist, or both racist and stupid.
The reality is that this narrative is not only wrong, but shows a distinct richsplaining class bias.

There is also the narrative that millennials are also responsible because they didn't get a pony, but that's for another day.

Where are we going and why are we in this handbasket?

The Saker has a very good article on the upcoming G20 conference at which Trump and Putin are scheduled for talks on the sidelines. In it he outlines the extremely low possibility that there will be meaningful discussions, mostly due to the intransigence of those that have taken complete control of the Executive Branch of the US government.

Seymour Hersh investigates "gas attack" at Khan Sheikhoun

It appears that Trump "shot from the hip" in his response to the so-called gas attack, overriding the advice of the Pentagon and intelligence agencies. Possibly this is one of the reasons the US military has basically taken over the authority of the President as "Commander in Chief". Trump is much too volatile, pig headed and uninformed to be in charge of the world's largest and most powerful military. The Pentagon mostly likely were the ones who insisted that Russia be forewarned about Trump's temper tantrum.

Another 4,000 Americans to be sent into the Afghanistan meat grinder!

Numerous news outlets are now reporting that President Trump has authorized Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis to send 4,000 more American soldiers to Afghanistan, admitting that many of these will serve in direct combat roles.

Fareed Zakaria's Breakthrough: Saudi Sponsorship of Terrorism

Fareed Zakaria has published at the Washington Post and declared on CNN that:

"Almost every terrorist attack in the West has had some connection to Saudi Arabia. Virtually none has been linked to Iran."

His column of May 25 is a significant breakthrough. He is a mainstream media spokesperson. He's speaking the truth. And he's still alive.

Donald Trump, Empire, and Globalization: has Trump caved, or is he a diversion?

A couple days ago, I linked to Max Forte's January 2017article on The Dying Days of Liberalism How Orthodoxy, Professionalism, and Unresponsive Politics Finally Doomed a 19th-century Project, which included an excellent two-paragraph summary of Max Frank's latest book, Listen Liberal.

James Comey fired! Watch out Hillary!

Today at about 5PM EDT, Trump fired Comey. This has already ignited a media firestorm with Democrats stating Trump did it to shut down the Russian collusion story. The Republicans meanwhile are citing Comey's marked failure in handling the Clinton email case and most recently for possible obstruction, by slow-walking the Susan Rice unmasking case.

What have we learned in 100 days?

So we have been watching the new play in our political theater for a while now. Somewhere along the line the first 100 days were chosen to tell us something. I'm not sure I can tell you what it is supposed to be.
Meanwhile these things are out there and are really no where near new.
Trump is a very good actor (or con man if you like) but a very poor leader.
The system is insensitive to who is "managing" it. (Or mismanaging it)
Elections are a distraction.