DPRK vs. Trump, no contest

North Korea is playing the Long Game and has scored a significant victory against the US. Trump is ill suited to be running US foreign policy at this time. Any competent leader would understand the situation and negotiate a face-saving long term treaty for peace on the Korean peninsula. Instead, Trump is blustering and threatening and in the long run will have to declare bankruptcy, screw his creditors and claim victory... as usual.

The Trump of Washington, Act 2, Scene 2

(Enter Hillary)

Hillary: Why do these fools and rapscallions stand by,
These Bernie Bros, these bags of deplor'be
who show their hatred for my sex alone?
Know they not of whom they speak, my glory?
Clad in the garments of Armani I
Stand bestride the world and declare myself
Look upon my face for thou wishes to see God.

Staycation Sequester for Spoiled-Brat Tyrants

A friend sent this refreshingly creative proposal. The invitation to vacation together could actually happen, I think. The key-removal part might be a stretch. But what are we talking about? Survival of life on Earth, right?

Subject: Here's one way that our President and President Kim Jong-un could resolve their impasse


I did not watch Trump's "first ever prime-time address to the nation" on Monday evening. I can't stand to have someone lie to my face...and when that someone calls himself the President of the United States, that's just one more reason not to listen.

I read his words this morning. I had to get up at 4:45 AM to take Debbie to the airport for a flight to DC for a conference in Arlington, so what was I gonna do after I got back home?

Trump's once in a lifetime opportunity to destroy the Democrats for all time.

Consider the still-evolving story of sedition and treason in addition to the banal but harmful corruption of our political system underlying the Awan Brothers thievery of material (computer stuff) but more importantly information, much of it classified or higher security. The story for those unaware has been told dozens if not hundreds of times in the alternate media, of which we are members.