China is the indespensible nation to the US economy

Contrary to the current narrative, China has been instrumental in keeping the US economy viable for the middle class. As our economy has stagnated or collapsed for Middle America, China continues to produce goods for consumption in the US that helps to maintain our lifestyle. The narrative is that China stole our good paying manufacturing jobs. And this is true just looking at the data. Most of our retail goods today are made in China.

Donald Trump loses Aircraft Carrier--this is NO JOKE

Donald Trump has done something a normal person would never do (although admittedly POTUS is not normal). It is something he would never do after playing golf at Mar-A-Lago, such as lose a golfball in the rough. No the Trumposaurus has now done something that boggles the imagination--even considering it's Trump who did it.

What did he lose? The the USS Carl Vinson.

Is a Trumpian foreign policy beginning to emerge?

Even the most ardent Trump-haters have to admit that DJT has his work cut out for him, in part thanks to the die-hard Trump-haters. One of his campaign promises was to wipe-out ISIS. Many campaign promises were made but two of the most important were to end ISIS and start no more new wars--perhaps ending old one's inspired by Obama-Klinton-Soros.

Was Trump's strike all about North Korea?

Trump's missile strike hasn't made a lot of sense as something directed at Russia or Syria, minimally damaging as it was. Or as a message worth the blowback, to placate the neocons - they'll never be satisfied until we've annihilated ourselves.

So here's another interpretation, from Ilargi: