The Conservative Worldview: Herrenvolk and Untermenschen, Revisited

The following essay is one that I published during the Presidential election year of 2012, except for the photo and Postscript. It was more of a conjecture at the time, and it ruffled a few feathers, but I think the passage of time has provided even more confirmation of the underlying hypothesis.

Could Trump win a Nobel Peace Prize?

When I did a Google search for "Trump threat to world peace" I got 42,100,000 results.
"Trump madman" got 2,400,000 results. "Trump nuclear war" gets 87,900,000 results. "Trump dangerous" gets 148,000,000 results.
It seems everyone is convinced that Trump is a crazed madman who seeks WWIII.

So how ironic is it that Trump is closer to bringing the world toward peace than Nobel Peace Prize winner Barak Obama ever did?

Does Trump know more about this country than you do?

Before you answer think about what your answer will tell about you. He did get to be president didn't he? To do that he had to be free of many of the myths that conventional politics has made part of us.

Let me give an example. On July 4th someone "over there" pointed out the wording in our Declaration of Independence about things like "freedom" and "all men created equal", etc. and that it was written by slave owners and people who would commit genocide.

Trump and the evolution of human social behavior

I have not written for a long time. I have been waiting and watching. Enough time has gone by for me to believe that I now have something to contribute. For those who do not know me I am a retired faculty member and author of a couple of books and lots of papers in refereed journals. They span the spectrum from very technical science to more recent political philosophy. The latter is manifest here or in my book with Jim Coffman.

GOP Bill Will Cut Medicare and Social Security

Updated: So we knew the $$$ Trillion+ in Tax Giveaways to the rich had to be paid for 'somehow'. Now Repubs tell us how they plan to do it. Most smart people knew this was coming anyway, but now the first cannon balls have been fired against the ramparts, so this is no longer just a bad dream.

From Germany with Love (or Hate) - Putin in Luck - Trump's Dollar Baton

This my own translation of an article of the weekly news smagazin "Der Spiegel". All mistakes or comprehension twists are mine. I do not excerpt to not introduce bias by being selective.
Merkel-Besuch in Sotschi Putin im Glück = Merkel visit in Sochi - Putin in Luck
by Christiane Hoffmann - Friday, 05/18/2018 10:02 pm