Challenge to Mueller's probe: former Trump aide refuses to obey subpoena

Although many Congressional Republicans have talked about ending the Mueller probe (a dicey prospect at this time for purely political reasons having nothing to do with an actual Trump crime), finally someone is refusing to obey a Mueller subpoena.

American Politics is like Syria minus Assad

Has US politics begun to sound to you like a South Front report on the war in Syria? [NOTE] Not sure what your party stands for anymore, or who is behind the IP poster child of the month? Not sure who is about to stab you in the back? Well, that means the Empire of Chaos's US operation is going according to plan.

Trump is not an idiot

Heresy! Gator--go back to the swamp. Well, communitarians, I have been exploring the swamp much of my life, and I can tell you is that you got your assessment mostly incorrect. Yes, Herr Drumpf's domestic policies are ruinous, callous, and environmentally destructive. Yes, his scheme for national privatization will fill the coffers of the 1%. This makes him a nogoodnik, not an idiot.

Through Knowledge Peace

Linndale Peace Memorial (Google Street View)

December 28, 2017. Cleveland is in a deep freeze. It seems to have come about a month early this winter. The weather service forecasts the cold spell to run for at least another week. I am driving through icy, slushy streets. But it's mostly sunny, though by the rays of a low-arching winter sun. I see one car that looks like it has just been washed. The rest have a road salt glaze.