Senate Democrats have the power to stop Trump. All they have to do is use it.

Weasly, useless Democrats! Not in their nature, pragmatic my ass. May they rot in a fracking pit.

Did you know this? I thought Dems had no choice. I thought they were so outnumbered they couldn't obstruct. I was surprised to read that this is not the case. Slowing down this runaway freight train is important. Trump moving like greased lighting underscores how slow, inept and impotent Obama and the Democrats were for 8 fucking years.

Anger in Flyover Country

This is a heartbreaking and terrifying article. I hope you'll read the whole thing. The essayist writes very well, about things that are foreign to many of us. He is a retired social worker now living in the rural south and working on a PhD.

I, too, am worried by our descent into prewar hatred. I had a friend from Dubrovnik in the’80s. She was a typical Yugoslav – half Croatian, quarter Serbian, and a quarter Russian. She was full of hope, smart, pretty, and heartbreakingly naïve. If she survived the war, I’m pretty sure my friend lost what made her a beautiful human being. She haunts me. Civil wars seem implausible until they start and then they follow the devil’s logic. People like my friend tend to die in them or turn into something less than they were in order to survive.

Blind hatred and Hillary's "resistance" movement

We know that one of the reasons Hillary lost was that she had no positive positions - she was not "for" anything. Just "Trump, Trump, Trump, Russia, Russia, Russia!" Are we for anything? Or are we falling into Hillary's McCarthy-ite pattern? Here's an important three paragraphs, but there's a lot more worth reading in the article.

Dipshit Trump: A New Low for America (Thanks, Hillary!)

The Trump Era has only just begun and already we're seeing some of the worst attacks on the environment in recent memory. Dipshit Extraordinaire signed Executive Orders reinstating Keystone XL and the Dakota Access Pipeline. He owns stock in the company backing DAPL as well.


Among all the major headlines today, the one with the potential for the most lasting impact and damage is that Donald Trump has narrowed down his Supreme Court nominee list down to two or three and will formally nominate someone next week. The only reason he is set to nominate anyone at all, of course, is that the Republicans in the Senate refused to even hold a vote on President Obama’s nominee, Merrick Garland in an unprecedented maneuver last year.

OMG! The world has ended. Trumpka? Supporting?

Well here ya go. 30 years of Clinton, Obama and you get this.

Today's announcement that the US is withdrawing from TPP and seeking a reopening of NAFTA is an important first step toward a trade policy that works for working people.

Critique of US economic (& military) policy from Jake Ma, China

Ma is the founder of Alibaba, which is similar to eBay, I believe.

"It's not that other countries steal jobs from you guys," Ma said. "It's your strategy. Distribute the money and things in a proper way."

According to Ma, the US wasted over $14 trillion in fighting wars over the past 30 years rather than investing in infrastructure at home. Ma named this as the main reason that the US economy is weakening.

snip ...

Because a plutocracy is what America needs

“January 20th 2017, will be remembered as the day the people became the rulers of this nation again.”
- Donald Trump

One thing Obama taught me was to look at the cabinet choices to see how the Administration will govern. You should simply ignore the inauguration speech, except to use it as contrast.

Trump, Russia and peace

Bill Gates might have compared Trump to JFK last Dec. 2016, but it's idealistic thinking.

May I remind Mr. Gates that JFK wanted space cooperation with the Soviets in 1963, that was the original idea of the Apollo moon mission, but the rightwing denounced it immediately. They made it impossible. These are historical facts, no fake news here. Don't bother debating me on this if you don't have the facts in front of you.

Today's humor: CNN defends itself as purveyor of "Real News"

There are many excellent articles published daily in this fine c99 community. Most of them are fact-based, logical, relevant to the real-world. But face it people this can get a little heavy at times (or, a lot heavy depending upon your tolerance for such things). In an effort to lighten the load so to speak (load of what you may ask) I shall endeavor from time to time to inject some humor into these serious times (by the way, as many know, I am a professional at giving injections).

Worth a listen: Malcolm Nance interviewed on my local station WAMC

Malcolm Nance is a counterterrorism expert and Intelligence Community member, author of five books, including the New York Times bestseller Defeating ISIS.
His most recent book is The Plot to Hack America: How Putin’s Cyberspies and WikiLeaks Tried to Steal the 2016 Election.

Listen to the interview here:

It's not about Putin; It's just Dirty, Machiavellian Politics

Democrats have lost their minds.
Well, Democratic voters have lost their minds.
The Democratic Party leadership, OTOH, knows exactly what it's doing.

The hysterical Russophobia rhetoric has only partly to do with Russia. It's real target is Trump.

Winter Solstice 2016, Trump and "Christianity"

The Winter Solstice this year is more meaningful than any of the 0ther 79 I have experienced. Having been a Roman Catholic until 21 and then a Born Again Evangelical for many years after that I slowly discovered that it was all fake. Now I see the Pagan influence in every aspect of this season's sham celebration of the birth of Christ.

Anti-Capitalist Meetup: Trump, Brexit and the Crisis of Liberalism

We need to understand what the liberals already know but are unwilling to admit publicly; liberalism is in a deep crisis. The liberal wing of the ruling class has caught itself on the horns of a dilemma.

On the one hand, the Liberals serve the interests of capitalism, in that sense the shift from Keynesian Liberalism to Neoliberalism comes about due to the economic crisis following the demise of Keynesianism due to stagflation in the 1970s.

So what the heck is going on...?

Unlike my usual essays, which I actually mull over and let slowly form before putting pen to paper (so to speak).....I am really just putting down some observations today regarding the Circus which has been taking place sine Election Day.

You can reference back to my Prior post-election piece for a more thought-out line of thinking. But for this one, suffice it to say I am just really wondering WTF is going on in the invisible rooms of the Establishment ?

OMG! Putin has taken over the United States!

Just the other day, while I was bribing my local political commissar, it hit me.
It's time to stop denying it: the Soviets won the Cold War.

Oh sure, you probably thought the United States won. It just goes to show how sneaky those Russians were.
You probably didn't even noticed that they slowly invaded us over the last 25 years.

Mnuchin to Treasury. Keep draining that swamp, Donald.

Looks like being chief financial officer of Trump's campaign is going to pay off for Steven Mnuchin. He's a former Goldman Sachs guy. Plus, any guy who can own his own hedge fund, his own bank and profit from a housing collapse outta be able to run Treasury. Whooo,