And ToP goes strangely silent

Now that the Sri Lankin govt has identified that "islamist terrorists" are "most likely" responsible for the horrific Easter bombings, all of the ToP posts with their hundreds of comments pointing out that Muslims only account for 10% of the population and Christians even less so, so it must be the Budhists! have gone silent. No Reckt list. No Current. No Community Spotlight. Go figure.

"DoucheLeaks": featuring Markos Makesitso, Russia Maddow, Kurt Eivgonebald, Max Bootlick, and of course, Peter Douche

It's provable that the Pestilent Neoliberal Cesspool (or TOP) continues to plunge new depths. But you already knew that as a C99-er.

The place is unrecognizable. Occupied by the very worst, obnoxious, simpleton, fear-laden, incrementalist centrists. They alternate in fear and hubris. Scared of the changes that challenge their soft, meaningless lives of convenience, and so full of vapid self-assuredness that they know what's better for the lessers.