Is There Really a Gerasimov Doctrine?


A friend recently recommended that I take a look at an article by Molly McKew, "an expert on information warfare" entitled The Gerasimov Doctrine that was published by Politico last fall. The ominous subtitle of the piece is "It's Russia's new chaos theory of political warfare and it's probably being used on you." In the first paragraph McKew writes:

As Our Governments Prepare for World War, the People Seem Helpless


The World Socialist Website is reporting something that is kind of important. I say that sarcastically, yes I do.

"Vladimir Putin has ordered Russian industry to be prepared to divert all its efforts into war production."

The human race is about to confront it's greatest fear, whether it is capable of eradicating itself from the face of the earth.

My last essay on Russia!!

1] As I said before I would be surprised if Russia has not meddled to some extent in American Elections
2] As to changing the actual results I have always regarded that as a stretch, you better really get your proof together.
3] If you go for impeachment over this issue make sure everything you say is correct, get it wrong and you will lose badly in the next elections.