Dems screaming "Russia!" should be looking out for Pakistan link to Dem corruption

Russia! Russia! Russia!--yeah, we know. But have the Dems mentioned just once the Awan Brothers or Pakistan or the ISI or the real sedition that is just sitting under every congress critter's nose? Interestingly the Repugnants are just as silent about this as the Dems, although, so far no one can pin any blame on the Repubbies for this security fiasco, which is correctly termed sedition.

Russian sanctions are about to blow up in our faces

The whole idea of sanctions is to isolate your enemy by giving incentives to keep 3rd parties from engaging with your enemy. But what if no one cooperates?
What if your allies keep doing business with your enemy? What if you are forced to sanction your allies? If that happens, who is the one being isolated?

Politico's Russia Derangement Syndrome

Once upon a time, there were journalists. But Satan appeared in his red cloak and horns, casting a curse upon almost all of them. Henceforward, they would become his slaves. No, they did not receive their official set of red cloak and horns, but they were rewarded with sizable paychecks. But with the riches came madness, one in which we alligators and neurosturgeons have labelled RDS. No, it's not RSD (really stupid Dimocrats).