Navalny critique at Grayzone, best discussion I've seen.

KATYA KAZBEK, in an interview posted at the Grayzone, gives a description of Navalny and his promotion by western forces that I think may reach some Americans who have fallen for the false idolatry. I wish her criticism of Navalny were stronger, and I wish her support of Putin was more comprehensive, but I think she's good at pointing out the weakness in the Navalny myth. I have bolded the excerpts I find most important.

Russians Declare Election Too Chaotic For Them To Successfully Interfere

Evil leader of Russia and interferer of elections, Vladamir Putin, agreed. “In our wildest ambitions, we never would have tried to get a straight out Communist to win the nomination in a major U.S. party,” Putin said. “I don’t know how we’re supposed to interfere and add to that.” Putin hung his head sadly. “It’s like people don’t even need a Russia anymore.”