Why the Russia fearmongering? It's about Nord Stream 2 and money, of course

While the fearmongering from the warmongers about Russia have reached a deafening level, it's important to look at how the money-based (aka reality-based) policy is trending.
Back in February the IMF stopped giving Ukraine more loans because of the endemic corruption.

Washington trying to start a war with Russia over lies, AGAIN!

A week ago Russian gas giant Gazprom offered a 50% tariff discount for an additional gas transit to Europe. It was a modest gesture for dialogue and peace.
Washington promptly freaked out and made a wild accusation that resembles the Saddam WMD lies.

Navalny critique at Grayzone, best discussion I've seen.

KATYA KAZBEK, in an interview posted at the Grayzone, gives a description of Navalny and his promotion by western forces that I think may reach some Americans who have fallen for the false idolatry. I wish her criticism of Navalny were stronger, and I wish her support of Putin was more comprehensive, but I think she's good at pointing out the weakness in the Navalny myth. I have bolded the excerpts I find most important.