you hacked my brain - and it is going to work

well this is probably not making any difference at all to you, but to me it becomes an issue.

As I understand JtC considers his platform of C99p an experiment in promoting equality and human compassion among the widest ranging groups of people to express freely what they think, to inform and promote truth talk and fact searches and to promote civil conversations among its participants.

“Not Petya” Cybervirus Attack, Attributed by CIA to Russia, Was Committed by Ukrainian

Originally published Sep 7, 2018

You may remember the cyberattack with the “Not Petya” virus, which our CIA immediately attributed to a branch of Russia’s GRU. Naturally the Washington Post and other MSM outlets trumpeted this far and wide.

Representative Mike Rogers Tweets Out a Concise Summary of the Deep State’s Russophobic Lies

Originally published Jul 17, 2018

Following Trump’s summit with Putin, Representative Mike Rogers (R) of Alabama issued a tweet that quite concisely summarized the chief lies that have been used to demonize Russia and keep us plowing our money into the military-industrial complex.