Coup in Russia

It's disgusting watching these liberals celebrate this coup attempt. A bunch of them ignorantly think that this will bring peace in Ukraine.
When I warned them of the danger of WW3, they didn't care.

Does anyone remember the Russian Civil War? The last time the UK and US invaded Russia?
Millions died. Maybe tens of milllions. This nation has tens of thousands of nuclear weapons.

Economic war on Russia has failed. Now what?

The Russian economy was supposed to collapse in 2022 because of our sanctions. After all, we illegally seized more than $300 Billion and plan on using it to rebuild Ukraine, while NATO bankrupts Russia in its war against Ukraine.. This was supposed to crush Russia and bring it to heel.

The Capital of the Multipolar World

After a month-long journey covering events in Russia, Pepe Escobar has returned with a deeply-felt message of the utmost importance.

Below, I’ve excerpted some of the highlights of his Diary; the bolded emphases are mine. With every word, one can sense the intensity with which Escobar is addressing us. He wants us to feel and understand the emotions and courage shown by the leaders and representatives of the Global South and Eurasia — a majority of the world population — as they come together to actively organize their independence from the cruel, psychopathic domination of the United States.

During these past four weeks, a firm line has been drawn in this World.

During this same four weeks, our rogue Federal Government has continued to smear its twisted propanganda, bullying and demeaning resistant nations, and launching its world-wide covert missions of destabilization and chaos in order to protect its greedy hegemony, all the while imposing the dystopian dictatorship of the elite upon all nations of the world.


Escobar's Diary also answers the question, "What happened when XI travelled to Russia to meet Putin?" The question was never answered in Western media. The American people were misdirected to believe that the meeting was about Ukraine, and included wild speculation that Xi would tell Russia to end the war, or Xi was there to help Russia win the war. The most depraved among the US and EU politicians used the moment as a publicity stunt, where they sternly warned XI not to sell weapons to Russia. As if.... The State Department created a counter publicity stunt where the President of Taiwan was invited to the White House to meet with the sloganized, mentally-impaired US President. Desperate times, indeed.

The Weekly Watch

War Upon War...

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TPTB have China in their sights, and the propaganda is cranking up...spy balloons, the "CHINA" flu, they're sending weapons to Ukraine (as if we are not?), they are going to invade Taiwan (their own province) get the idea. The proxy war against Russia in Ukraine isn't going well for the west, and several leaders called out the NATO nations in India this week. American arrogance isn't selling well across they world. Then we have another ongoing war... against us, we the people, by the global elite who are certain they know how we should live and behave. They have an agenda planned.
This graphic illustrates the propaganda message...


Talk about projection