Trump statement on death of Al Baghdadi includes thanks to Russia, Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and the Syrian Kurds.

I consider his statement to be a breakthrough. Consider me hopeful.

President Trump Announces The Death of ISIS Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi…
Posted on October 27, 2019 by sundance

"The American dream turned into a nightmare."

Maria Butina is now back in Russia after serving 18 months in American gulags after being convicted of, basically, a process crime - failing to register as a foreign agent.

In her first interview after returning home to Russia, she speaks of the nightmare treatment she had to endure from federal agents and the American "justice" system.

In the following video she shows she is an intelligent and articulate woman who simply desired to have better relations between the peoples of both countries - Russia and the USA.

The American media (and the US citizens who blindly accepted the nonsensical McCarthyism of their reporting) should be ashamed of themselves. She also shows how much of American viewpoints are molded by the ubiquitous deep state controlled media in combination with decades of Hollywood stereotyping in forming their belief systems.
NRA Darling And Russian Spy Maria Butina Prepares To Sign A Plea Deal

you hacked my brain - and it is going to work

well this is probably not making any difference at all to you, but to me it becomes an issue.

As I understand JtC considers his platform of C99p an experiment in promoting equality and human compassion among the widest ranging groups of people to express freely what they think, to inform and promote truth talk and fact searches and to promote civil conversations among its participants.