About that infamous "Montenegrin Coup"

The first I had heard about this Montenegrin Coup was when Senator McCain accused Senator Paul of "working for Vladimir Putin.” Naturally the questions from Democrats and the news media was a) when did Paul become a traitor, and b) how high should we hang him?
No on asked the more obvious question: what Montenegrin Coup?

What will the Democrats do when they have to abandon the Trump/Putin konspiracy theories?

For the past year, instead of attacking Trump for real, concrete reasons of his horribleness, Democrats have gone off the deep end of crazy, irrational, konspiracy theories about Russia. Just visit any Democratic blog like DKos and witness the demands of faith in the unproven that is so absolute that voicing doubts can get you denounced for heresy and banned.

Today's Humor (3/5/17): more Nancy Pelosi fun

Nancy is like Medusa's emails: a gift that keeps on giving. Why do I pick on Nancy so much? Because she's there and so hard to resist. With prodding from Jake Tapper, of all people, NP remembers that yes indeed she did meet with Russians including the ambassador in 2010. But that was okay because other legislators did it too--so therefore it MUST be legal--because she said so.

Sens. McCain/Graham/McConnell talking about sanctions on Russia

with someone they thought was the Ukrainian prime minister. He wasn't. They got recorded.

The usual incredible hypocrisy! McCain was involved in the violent Kiev coup, along with the CIA and the rest of the neocons, so he knows that Russia wasn't involved - but it's a good excuse to agitate for war with Russia, yelling about Russian "provocations"!

Trump, Russia and peace

Bill Gates might have compared Trump to JFK last Dec. 2016, but it's idealistic thinking.

May I remind Mr. Gates that JFK wanted space cooperation with the Soviets in 1963, that was the original idea of the Apollo moon mission, but the rightwing denounced it immediately. They made it impossible. These are historical facts, no fake news here. Don't bother debating me on this if you don't have the facts in front of you.

The Filthy US/Nazi Lie at the Heart of WWIII

This lie has pissed me off about six times a day for the past three years. It's the worst form of Nazi-inspired, anti-communist, US propaganda. It is of the same calibre as the Nazi-style attempt to portray Russians as hacking the 2016 US elections — and deflect the blame from Hillary and the DNC who were warned they would lose if they tried to force this despised candidate on America.. So, I'm going to get it off my chest on the first work day of 2017.

After the US-orchestrated coup toppling the Ukrainian government, Neo Nazi leaders were installed to terrorize Russia. A World War II redux.

Eric Zuesse, the forensic historian and publisher of Washington's Blog, lays it out clearly. He, better than most, is able to articulate the Nazi doctrine that is being fully embraced by the US Deep State and a few of their most intimate allies.

New Years Revelation! Sloppy Bear is outed!

Yes, It's From Russia With Love again

No, I don't mean the movie or sexy villains like Octopussy, you know James Bond films. At least Bond films were entertaining, all 245 of them, but none of them were scary.

Our Glorious Leader is going out in a nuclear blaze of glory or so he intends. Just like Hitler, "America didn't deserve me", he will usher in the End Times (a new subsidiary of NYT).

Obama's sanctions on Russia for "hacking" have frightening implications

No, I'm not referring to the drumbeat for a march to conflict (war, even if by proxy) with Russia, though it is related. I'm referring to something more local. These hacks were against the DNC. The Obama administration, Democrats, and the complicit media have been claiming the hacks were against our system of elections, hinting strongly, and quite intentionally, that our system of government was the target.

This is problematic.

Puttin' up with Putin and Russian Geopolitics

Vladimir Vladimirovich has some opinions regarding the outcome of this faux election.

The author of parts of this essay are by Sergei Markov, who runs a pro-Kremlin think tank in Moscow and is the deputy head of the international cooperation committee in the Civic Chamber.

Jimmy Dore is so hot right now!!

This guy is spitting truth and putting together reports, congressional hearing details and what's going on in the ME and how it relates to CIA policy dating back to WWII. I'm really just not seeing this on any other outlet, aside from essays here and over at TOP written by those more informed than me.