Maybe Bernie wasn't a Putin Puppet after all

We've all been told that anyone who didn't support Hillary in 2016 was a treasonous Putin Puppet, and that goes double for those sexist, racist Bernie supporters.
Yet deep, deep down in a new Senate report, it turns out that Russian trolls weren't all that fond of Bernie supporters after all.

"Big Bad Russia" was so bad we stole all their B movies.

Like Soviet rocketry, Russian sci fi movies were way ahead of anything Hollywood was putting out in the 50's. There were some very good movies that were quite well done and had better production values than found in the west.

Russian sci fi was about exploring our universe and about science and what was possible. Everytime that Hollywood stole a Russian sci fi movie, they turned it into monsters invading or threatening mankind.

How very fascist of us.

Those scary, scary Russians and their dastardly peace talks

Those darn Russians are aggressively threatening everyone.
Don't believe me? Just look at this Bloomberg article published today titled:
How NATO Is Preparing for the New Cold War
A huge military exercise in Norway signals the alliance’s pivot back to its original foe, Russia.