Caucus Critters: Moondae Moppets: A Belated Hoppy Labor Day!

As most of you know, on Labor Day the site crashed when Johnny tried something new, and it took him overnight to repair from the crash. Yikes! So we'll say goodbye to summer with Labor Day Caucus Critters one week late.

I thought to make sure your Labor Day is hoppy, I'd see how many hopping critters I could find.

Video News Open Thread: Stephen Colbert and the DNC, Days 2 and 3

Cat Video Montage by ec.jpg

Welcome to Video News! My apologies for no official DNC video news open thread yesterday. But Oreo the Diabetic Pootie had a crisis at 3 AM yesterday, so Ginger and I were up half the night. Oreo and Ginger seem to have recovered in full, so we have resumed normal function.

Gratuitous Oreo and Ginger photo:

Video News Open Thread: Stephen Colbert and First Day of the DNC

Cat Video Montage by ec.jpg

Welcome back to Video News! It was an odd weekend. As many of you know, the convention has been almost overshadowed by the scandal of the DNC emails that were leaked proving that the primaries were rigged by the "neutral" DNC. But Bernie did speak at the convention last evening. If you missed it, I'll let Stephen Colbert fill you in: