Krystal Ball's "crackup of neoliberalism" talk

Now, I fully expect that the conversation today will be dominated by today's confirmation of the Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade -- but I don't really see a lot of movement on such a matter yet, for reasons I've pointed out before and will point out below.

From Naziism to Neoliberalism LA Review of Books

This is important, there is a link beween the Nazis and the neoliberal executives who made up the Frankfurt School of economics and ordoliberalism, the roots of neoliberalism. It can be illustrated


What are we getting into here? Its not good government!

AMLO tried to put Mexico's former presidents on trial for the crime of Neoliberalism

Mexico's President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) has become my favorite political leader in the world. He's also one of the most popular politicians in the world, with an astounding 65% approval rating.

The Collapse of globalism and global pillage Globalism's tenets have been debunked, why have those insights been hidden in America?

This is a video by John Ralston Saul. Its a good outline of what has become of this utopian cult as its looked at more closely. Its promises have NOT come true!

Instead starting in the 90s the collapse began, globalism became GLOBAL PILLAGE. Oligarchs who saw it as a green light from the US and EU for them to steal from and lie to everybody.

A lot of people started to realize it was a sham.

It is not inevitable. .

In Guardian UK, in a speech where she is addressing an extremist organization, Nancy Pelosi seems to tell us our country's system is corporatism, not democracy. Period.

Chatham House is an elitist organization that does not believe in democracy, Like Anglophile Bill Clinton and his disciples, it pushes an illegitimate global economic governance of by and for the wealthy.