The neoliberals' cultural stock is in decline.

The neoliberals' cultural stuck is in decline. When they had that suave dude Barack Obama telling everyone he was like Gandhi or Mandela, that was totally a thing. Cultural neoliberalism was rockin' da house as every branch of government, both state and Federal, was being awarded to Republicans.

Thoth's Prophecy predicts neoliberalism and neoconservatism 2000 years ago

Well, not quite, yet listening to the prophecy will certainly resonate with modern readers. Nothing new under the sun? Yes, perhaps in some basic ways as regarding the human experience. Perhaps we should consider humanity as an experiment in which sentient beings are allowed what control they possess against the forces of nature, revealing how little control humanity has over itself.

The God Thoth

Latin America is rebelling against America's neoliberalism

The mainstream media largely ignored the collapse of the center-left over the past decade. The ideology of "progressive on social issues, while being almost indistinguishable from the right-wing on economic issues" had died in 2008, but its zombie corpse lives on because the ruling class requires it.
Western democracy has been crumbling from within for a long time.

Massive anti-government protests in Latin America; but not the one you are thinking of

Election fraud. Presidential drug trafficking. Huge anti-government protests and strikes in the name of democracy and freedom, that are brutally crushed by security forces. Tens of thousands of refugees.

This is Honduras today.
Unlike Venezuela, Honduras is a close US ally, so the media coverage has been practically non-existent.

Economist Thomas Piketty showed that a centrist Democrat will lose

Early in 2018, Thomas Piketty, author of the bestselling 2013 book "Capital in the Twenty-First Century," wrote a detailed, fact-filled 160-page study that rejected everything that the Democratic Party establishment was telling us.

And it got completely ignored by the MSM, political pundits, and Democratic insiders.