Massive anti-government protests in Latin America; but not the one you are thinking of

Election fraud. Presidential drug trafficking. Huge anti-government protests and strikes in the name of democracy and freedom, that are brutally crushed by security forces. Tens of thousands of refugees.

This is Honduras today.
Unlike Venezuela, Honduras is a close US ally, so the media coverage has been practically non-existent.

Economist Thomas Piketty showed that a centrist Democrat will lose

Early in 2018, Thomas Piketty, author of the bestselling 2013 book "Capital in the Twenty-First Century," wrote a detailed, fact-filled 160-page study that rejected everything that the Democratic Party establishment was telling us.

And it got completely ignored by the MSM, political pundits, and Democratic insiders.

Google's Gulch - Neoliberal Globalization Propaganda Masquerading as Science Fiction

I'm a politics junkie and a scifi junkie. So, when two books, Infomocracy (book 1) and Null States (book 2), that were touted as merging those two genres came out, I bought the books. But, after reading them, I was repulsed by their world government, libertarian, Identity Politics take on the near future.

Neoliberalism is the slick salesman of fascism

If you listen to media pundits and politicians you would think that the emergence of proto-fascist forces arose in some working-class vacuum, amongst people who are infected with bigotry. Unlike their rulers.
The fault lies with unenlightened, uneducated voters who wouldn't listen to the ruling elites, thus exposing the flaws of democracy.

A succinct critique of neoliberalism/globalism

Part of the globalizers' propaganda war is to deny that the term "neoliberalism" has any historical, political, or economic content, to reduce it to a mere curse word used by lefties. In the past, the best rebuttal I had to that was the maddeningly jargon-filled writing of Philip Mirowski, an economics professor at Notre Dame. Today, I found a book review of a book that purports to be not only a history of neoliberalism, but a fairly clear and readable explanation of its goals.

Neoliberalism: Transactions versus relationships

I have spent the better part of today in phone queues, trying to sort out a financial problem. As I sat on these queues, I was constantly propositioned with questionaires asking me how I like the service. Every time I walk in a store, I get asked if I have/want the "club card". Every day I get junk mail from every corporation I have so much as done a Google search on. All these robo-invitations are trying to get me to be in a "relationship" with a faceless corporation.