This is what is going on with the economy (simplified)

Have you wondered why the stock market has gone crazy, while the real economy slumps? Why the rich are getting so much richer, while the poor are getting so much poorer?
Oh, sure. There's plenty of fraud in this rigged economy, but how is it rigged?
This last question I can answer (from a bird's eye view).

Have you considered voting for Money?

I want to ask you a question. Deep down, don't you really want Money to win this election?

Because if Money wins this election, there's a chance that Money might come your way. Money might change your life! Think about all of those problems in your life. Money can make them go away. People say that there are things that are impossible, but with Money, anything is possible. And if they aren't possible, Money can find the people who will make them possible.

The infuriating irony of libertarians' wet dream, bitcoin and cryptocurrency

Cross-posted from Real Economics.

I suspect that most people do not understand bitcoin and cryptocurrencies because they also do not understand how money is "created." The reality that money can be created out of nothing is so ludicrously simple that most people simply cannot believe it. John Kenneth Galbraith observed that "The process by which banks create money is so simple that the mind is repelled."