UK STILL has not admitted that they overthrew the Iranian democracy in 1953!

Isn't that just ridiculous? Why not?

Anyway, its my impression fron a lot of history that I have been immersing myself in that the UK is a real tisted perverse monster in a lot of ways and that the supposedly close relationship we supposedly have with them right now is SICK and a mistake.
And its all falling to bits, gloriously.
They still are bitter against us and a lot of other countries for the loss of their Empire, they would steal it back, I suspect if they could. The UK is a tremendously unequal country thats rapidly growing more unequal. Thats lying to its own people quite a bit. About things of very great importance to those people.

I have a lot of fear that the UK is becoming a bad effluent on the US, if that could be possible.

this is RELIGION cheaply priced
We should have permanently severed ties wit them after the end of world War II and not looked back. Taken in their artists and writers and comedians, and normal people the common people and not their oligarchical often murderous monarchist government.

Its a shameful, abusive situation.

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bibles full of libel

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