Joe Biden

Comparing Biden to Sanders on racism

Black people love Joe Biden, but don't trust Bernie Sanders because he is in some vague, undefined way, a racist.
That's what the media tells us. That's what black political leaders tell us.
And that's why I don't trust the media or these current black political leaders or anytime modern Identity Politics is used.

What we can expect from the mass media: two lessons

I think that what we'll be seeing over the next twenty months will be epitomized by a piece in Vanity Fair, "“It’s Going to Be a Guerrilla War”: The Sanders Left Opens Fire on Biden." This is a bit of punditry such as what we're going to see repeated endlessly through October of next year.

Pg. 1 Lede in Today's NYT: "'Stop Sanders’ Democrats Are Agonizing Over His Momentum"

...and a similar headline--regarding today's Times article--over at, on Tuesday: "As Sanders 2020 Campaign Gains Steam, Corporate Democrats Reportedly 'Growing Increasingly Nervous'," are basically telegraphing to the public that the writing's on the wall, as far as the Democratic Party's status quo's 2020 Presidential Primary campaign strategy is concerned.

2020 Dem Primary Moves: Clinton Backtracks and Leaves Door Open, Biden Looks Like He's Running, Bloomberg's Out

Interesting developments over the past 24 hours regarding who's in, who's out, and who's waffling on whether or not they'll jump into the 2020 Democratic presidential primary fray.

Reports: Biden, O’Rourke Prepping to Enter 2020 Dem Presidential Primary

Various news reports, over the past couple of days, have indicated that former Vice President Joe Biden and former Texas Congressman Beto O’Rourke are preparing to enter the overcrowded, 2020 Democratic Presidential Primary fray.

(Personally, I think Biden's candidacy is still iffy; but, these latest stories are indicating he's making moves to enter the race.)

The Obama Effect and why neoliberal Democrats are struggling

After Hillary Clinton unexpectedly struggled in the 2016 election with the black vote and the women's vote, Hillary's megadonors met with potential presidential nominee Kamala Harris during a trip to the Hamptons in 2017. Obviously the idea was to double-down on Identity Politics.
Two weeks after Harris announced her candidacy, she sent out this email.