Joe Biden

"Don't Run Joe" is thin soup

I just received an email from "RootsAction" with a silly "Q & A" for one of its pet causes, "Don't Run Joe," a piece of pleading before the emperor which aims to persuade Joe Biden not to run for re-election. This stuff is pretty thin soup -- they could, for instance, run someone now against him, or, better yet, run a whole slate intended to get the worst few hundred offenders out of the Federal government.

The Powers That Be and their Distraction Games

I've suggested in a number of previous diaries that the Biden administration doesn't really have a climate change policy. The reasons for this lack of a policy are obvious: the Biden administration is sold out to oil interests, whose main concern is that the owning class that controls them, both Biden administration and owning class being Powers That Be, be allowed full rights of kingship on a dead planet.