Joe Biden

At some point we will need a February Revolution.


At this time much of what we can say about the future is lost in the confusion of the Nice Liberals with Big Egos. You remember this group: these are the people who are going to save the world, but without any reference to what actually saving the world would physically entail. And so, consequently, they're doing it to please themselves.

I'm quitting the conversation.

No, this isn't a "GBCW diary." All I'm doing with this post is admitting that there really is nothing more to say about Joe Biden or Donald Trump that I or someone else hasn't already said before. So I think I'm going to shut up about the Presidential race at least until there arises something new that needs to be said.

The Task-Force Recommendation on Heatlh Care: my thoughts

Adding one more voice to the Democrats' "best we can do" discourse on health care is the "Biden-Bernie Task Force," which came out with its recommendations Wednesday. As Natalie Shure of In These Times pointed out, what's missing from the health care portion of these recommendations is Medicare for All.