Joe Biden

Watch out, JoJo: Mika's pissed

JoJo, admit it. You're done. Or as my friends might say: put a fork in it. One only needs to see Mika Brzensinski's obvious contempt for and disgust with Joseph Biden, Jr. He's done. All over now. When a DNC front pager puts out the tough questions for the presumptive nominee, you know the dam is breaking. I think Mika really believes that women should be believed. She believed Christine B. Ford and now she believes Tara Reade. How's that for the first break in the wall of silence?

The Trump-As-Dictator Narrative

I'm seeing this as a trickle now but it looks like it's going to be a flood soon. Here's the narrative. I'm reading this a lot on Facebook, usually in response to whenever someone brings up that they're not voting for Joe Biden. The narrative says: "You better vote for Joe Biden in November otherwise Donald Trump will become a dictator."

Sales Ethics and the Democratic Campaign '20

Folks, back in 2010 I wrote a diary titled "Sales Ethics and the Democratic Campaign '10." In that old diary, I suggested that the Democratic Party campaign for that year, perhaps the biggest-losing Democratic Party campaign in history, was based on the Elmer Fudd Theory of Electoral Victory. Here's the strategy, by the Strategic Master himself: