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What is patriotism? The standard dictionary definition reads “love of one’s country.” However, it seems that patriotism is often confused with nationalism.

Nationalism is about power: its adherent wants to acquire as much power and prestige as possible for his nation, in which he submerges his individuality. While nationalism is accordingly aggressive, patriotism is defensive: it is a devotion to a particular place and a way of life one thinks best, but has no wish to impose on others (Orwell 1968, 362)

Based on Orwell's definition, the US is full of nationalists rather than patriots. I like the idea of loyalty to place. I think America the Beautiful would be a better national anthem celebrating our natural beauty rather than our bombs bursting in air.

A Poem for July 4.
1904 version

O beautiful for spacious skies,
For amber waves of grain,
For purple mountain majesties
Above the fruited plain!

The Weekly Watch

Bloomin' Idiots

It's an orgy! Flowers are spreading their pollen far and wide. Perhaps plants go insane like breeding animals...thoughtlessly spending their energies in hopes that their pollen will land on a fertile stigma....caught in a sexual frenzy. To paraphrase Jimi, it's a yellow haze gonna kiss the sky. Flowers are attractive (for the most part), at least to some pollinators. Many pollinators are insects and they are disappearing, you know. In the cycle of life there is a time to create seed by blooming. Later in life, at maturity, is the time to sow seed. In recent years I've come to the conclusion that as a species, we never matured beyond the selfish infant stage (which might explain why we are such bloomin' idiots)...but evolution happens and there are pockets of growth and progress. Are the choices we have illusory, or can we direct our own development? What choice does the flower have?


The time is at hand. I am going to war.

There are times in life when decisions must be made. This determination has been gnawing at me for some time and has led to a deep feeling of emptiness in my gut. There is only one way to extricate this feeling from my being. Only one way to fulfill the hunger pangs of my soul. I must go to war.

With fork and knife in hand, I will, on this very day, Thursday 11-22-2018, be attacking, turkey. Lying there, smug in its wonderful aroma, adorned in splendid golden brown armor, prodding me, nay, insisting that I cross the line of table demarcation and carve it into various balkanized sections of deliciousness. I will then devour and digest its very existence and adsorb it unto myself. It is there for my taking, it is destiny. For this I give thanks.

But, as with this time every year, I will also be going to war with myself.

Democratic Pin-up girl! Alexsandria Ocasio-Cortez: who is she really?

The wide-eyed wonder of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez when talking or public speaking yields inconveniently slanted reportage. On the right, the current line that AOC can't put together a decent sentence. This is nonsense. Whatever one may think of her policies, most all of them are or were Progressive. Campaigning for progressives by AOC did not yield any benefit. But I wonder about the districts in which she campaigned.

Hypocrisy on the Left - Daily Kos Maxim, If You Vote for the Democratic Party, You're okay with Illegal Wars and Murder

“The people in charge can always justify doing terrible things in the name of the greater good. A slaughter here, a little torture there. It becomes moral to do things that would be immoral if an ordinary individual did ’em.” - Joe Hill, The Fireman