I did not watch Trump's "first ever prime-time address to the nation" on Monday evening. I can't stand to have someone lie to my face...and when that someone calls himself the President of the United States, that's just one more reason not to listen.

I read his words this morning. I had to get up at 4:45 AM to take Debbie to the airport for a flight to DC for a conference in Arlington, so what was I gonna do after I got back home?

Democrats Stop Being Such Effing Hypocrites: Updated

Where have you been the last eight years?

While candidate Obama came to office pledging to end George W Bush’s wars, he leaves office having been at war longer than any president in US history. He is also the only president to serve two complete terms with the nation at war.

Bill Clinton's great advice

Maybe I should start writing essays on "Today's hypocrisy" as opposed to "Today's Humor". I see very little funny in current political news. Maybe I have a shriveling sense of humor (though some might doubt I ever had one). You can't go 24 hours without some monumental bits of hypocrisy. They are so common as to be as grains of sand and therefore ignored due to desensitization.

Hippocrates and the Price of Hypocrisy

Donald Trump, hereafter to be referred to by a medical acronym DT ( = delirium tremens, a severe alcohol-withdrawal syndrome with occasional lethality) has already had his first scandals--even before he was in office. No, not crude language but his choices for a number of cabinet positions. The most obviously terrible is Betsy DeVos for Education Secretary. The funder of "Conversion Therapy" groups.

People who voted for Donald are racists. All of them.

Just like anybody who voted for Hillary is fine with escalating tensions with Russia over Syria, which can't possibly go wrong or further destabilize the country and bring yet more misery to the brown and black people there.

Just like anybody who voted for Hillary is fine with destabilizing Libya and bringing countless deaths and untold misery to the brown and black people of that country, in the name of liberation.

Denny Hastert - the true face of today's GOP

Just sit right back
And you'll hear a tale
A tale of a creepy dick,
who fondled kids in his high school days,
his acts will make you sick.
Denny was a ruthless pol, he aimed to impeach Bill,
cuz' of where he'd stick his prick.
Five innocents - their lives were ruined,
While Denny struck it rich,
and Til the Feds used their stick.

Til the Feds used their stick.