Grateful Dead

Album of the Week 9-16-23

Afternoon folks!

There's a plethora of blues this week, there are albums from Junior Wells, Lil Ed & The Imperials, delta slide player Mississippi Fred McDowell and Charlie Musselwhite.

In the rock vein, there's another Spirit album and then you can get all folked up with albums from The International Submarine Band (Gram Parsons - Byrds, Flying Burrito Bros) first successful band, the Grateful Dead (acoustic) and serious folkie, Jody Stecher.

Have a great weekend and enjoy!

"This darkness got to give..." A Timely Admonition (from 1970)

Not that it's dark in Japan at the moment - sunny early summer, people engaging in high-risk behavior left and right - kids playing soccer in the park without masks, grandparents our walking with their kids. Probably some people at the re-opened malls or department store - not that anyone in their right mind would be there voluntarily on such a nice day.

Never thought I'd see the day when Japan looked like a bastion of civil liberty compared to Amerika.

The Grateful Dead on December 26

As I am currently in the process of being discharged from medium-term residential medical rehab, I almost forgot my old custom on December 26!

Anyone with Roman Catholic, "Old" Catholic, "High-Church" Protestant, or Eastern Orthodox Christianity in hir background knows what December 26 is: it's the Feast of Saint Stephen, Martyr (see Christian Scriptures, Acts of the Apostles, 6:8 -- 7:60 inclusive).

Sunday Open Thread: January 14th is the Medieval Feast of the Ass**


This feast may represent a Christian adaptation of the pagan feast, Cervulus, integrating it with the donkey in the nativity story.[2] In connection with the Biblical stories, the celebration was first celebrated in the 11th century, inspired by the pseudo-Augustinian "Sermo contra Judaeos" c. 6th century.