A small request: Please tell the ruling class to 'go f*ck themselves'

I generally don't ask people online for things, but I'm making an exception this time around. I'm asking you to send a message to the wealthy elites who are screwing you over.
The question is how best to send this message?

If you are part of the MAGA crowd, or the vote-blue-no-matter-who/McResistance, then this essay isn't for you. You need to stop watching Fox, CNN, and MSDNC.

Progressive vs Center Left Not - It's Class vs Identity

If it were, Warren's faltering voters would all go to Sanders, not Klobuchar, and Biden's certainly wouldn't go to Sanders. It's class versus identity, and the good angel over my shoulder hopes class wins out. Policy wise Biden is a long way from Sanders, not a 180 degree difference but close to it, but Biden grew up working class and it shows, gaffs and all. People feel that in a gut reaction kind of way.

Bloomberg Offering $6k for Field Organisers

I'm sure if any of you have participated in campaigns other than comments on the net you've met paid Field Organisers before. Obama had a gazillion of them here in 08, Bennett had quite a few in 10, and Obama to a lesser extent in 12 as our state was a more sure bet. They are always in the offices, organize group canvasses, generate lists for people and maps, do trainings, etc.

Hot Air

Something to keep in mind…

We are now in the midst of the 6th extinction,
with a very rapid destruction of other species
and of the kind of environment in which they can survive,
like wilderness for example.
We are pushing to the edge of not only our own survival,
but that of much of life on earth.
So, is this the most gravest moment in my life?
but also in all of human history.

Noam Chomsky