If TwitFaceGoog (TFG) worked for Democracy...

they'd undertake a massive campaign to educate users on how to tell the difference between claims and facts. They'd grace the People with the reasoning abilities to know when something is proven, disproven, or needs more information before deciding its value.

Teach people how rhetorical tricks and manipulative tactics are used on them. Teach people how trolls operate. How to check the sourcing, and whether there is more than one source.

Lambda Legal sues DoJ and Education

DOJ and the Education Department under President Trump claimed the Obama administration had failed to explain how transgender protections are consistent with the express language of Title IX.

Lambda Legal argues in the court filing that the new administration's decision creates confusion for schools across the country and eliminates an important resource for ensuring that schools meet their Title IX obligations.

Yet another autopsy on our democracy

Summary: 150 years ago, capitalists needed to construct the nation-state in order to demolish aristocratic rule and create the literate, regimented workforce needed for industrial capitalism... Like free markets, nation-states are not natural; they must be constructed. The Victorian-era bourgeoisie created the nation-state to enforce the free market and the horrendous conditions of the new working class.

The past always comes back

I spent 36 years as a teacher. I started as a graduate teaching fellow at the University of Oregon, where I spent 5 years teaching first year college mathematics. After receiving my PhD, I spent three years at the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee. That was not a productive three years since both my parents died during that time. So I moved on to the University of Central Arkansas, where I taught for 16 years.