Iowa and Bernie--both in dire need of fixing. Does Bernie have what it takes to fix it?

By now the carefully planned clusterfuck which is the Democratic Presidential Primary (DPP) is unravelling unashamedly as a hopelessly prejudiced and controlled event.

No results. Some results. Whose results? Warren, Buttgiggle, ByeDone, Bernie, and anybody else claims victory in Iowa. Can they do this? Sure. Because nobody else can claim that they have more votes. Why? Because, in the words of Lamont Cranston, only the Shadow knows.

DNC releases slowly acting viral process for which there is no cure--ExiTULSI

Medical convention is that the disease discoverer has the absolute right to name an illness after him or her or their selves. Thus, having discovered a new virus, which has been hiding in plain sight, it should be prudent to describe to those who may yet be contaminated by Clintonian Concepts its method of disease including epidemiology (i.e., how it spreads), nature of disruptive agent (e.g., what type of critter is it), and how it develops over time (pathophysiology).

Laws Politick per Sir Isaac Newton, newly derived from an Essay Upon Motion Systems

I was sitting underneath the shade of oak tree, bad season for cypress, actually. Then, whilst musing to myself, as most users are wont to do....no, an apple didn't not impact my cranium, a curious thing occurred, i. e., a thought occurred to me concerning political polling.