The M.O. of the Capitalist Hierarchy of American Political, Business and Journalistic Powers That Be: Commit Crimes And Lie To Get Your Way, Issue Buried Apology or Retraction Later. Donna Brazile Claims Proof HRC Rigged Primary Against Bernie.

Just caught this on Twitter and am compelled to drop it here. In light of "NYC Board Of Elections Admits ILLEGAL Purge Of 200K Progressives (Jimmy Dore Show)" this would seem to be another barnburner in what should amount to a full scale wildfire exposing how deeply corrupt the Democratic Party is. (Read the comments underneath the video on YouTube.

Notice of Appeal Filed in DNC Fraud Lawsuit

This is my first blog entry here at C99. Fingers crossed that the formatting comes out right.

As we've discussed in previous blog entries, the judge in the DNC Fraud Lawsuit (Wilding, et al vs. DNC Services Corporation and Debbie Wasserman Schulz) dismissed the case a few weeks ago, on procedural grounds pertaining to jurisdiction and standing.