Bovine Freedom in Georgetown, Colorado!

File this under "Now for something completely different":

Numerous media reports are coming in of a semi truck overturning on Interstate 70 in Georgetown, Colorado, releasing many cattle into the town.

The video won't embed, so you'll need to go here to see the wreck, or the cattle -- some of which are still on the loose in the Georgetown area.

Caucus Critters: Moondae Moppets: A Belated Hoppy Labor Day!

As most of you know, on Labor Day the site crashed when Johnny tried something new, and it took him overnight to repair from the crash. Yikes! So we'll say goodbye to summer with Labor Day Caucus Critters one week late.

I thought to make sure your Labor Day is hoppy, I'd see how many hopping critters I could find.

Caucus Critters: Moondae Moppets: UnConventional Pawlitics!

Last week was dedicated to the Repurrblicans and Repuplicans because of their convention; and I was originally thinking to do an homage to the Democat convention this week, but I'm already tired of them before they begin! So let's do something else. Let's be UnConventional!

But first, The Recommendations: