What is community?


The first place I go when I visit is the community content section. The phrase virtual community gets tossed around a lot, especially during these social distancing times. And you might say that hippie communes have evolved into what are called intentional communities. But what does community really mean? When have you experienced community? Our conversation continues, below the break, with the story of Clarence Jordan and the story of The Simple Way

Anybody from the Asheville area?

Got one of my own (BernieBro progressive) moving down to Asheville from up here in New Yawk (Albany area) (originally from Connecticut), and could use help with orientation. Email contact is great if a Pub is not your thing. Ray is 55-ish, politically energetic, with your basic New England accent. Should fit right in!

An examination of an old essay and apology

This will be an odd essay for me.

This isn't regarding a new topic or breaking headline. This is something I wrote that looking back perhaps I shouldn't have.

In my essay "Politics of Hate" written back in February here, I went on a rant regarding various things that I hated at the time.

caucus99percent Pods page

now open for biz! Well, mostly.
Steven D posted a message to some of us here to gauge the interest in any c99 individuals interested in posting a podcast once or twice a week, or just once a month, even, as the mood strikes. For those interested pods need to be limited to 10-15 mins. max., but they can be as short as 3 or 4 minutes. Totally up to you, the c99 podcaster.

A road not taken: major disagreements and the continuity of cohesion

On Friday, I left my home to travel to Marin County, visiting my brother, Alphonse, and his family. As such, I was detached from an apparent brouhaha developing over the issue of sexual harassment, leading to flame wars, outrage, and abandonment of this site.

Why I Am Proud of Caucus99percent

Some of us disagree with some others. We are strong enough to tolerate disagreement. There is no hatred here, and little vitriol that I've seen.

Macabre, murderous circuses like Charlottesville and the corresponding media furor do not shake us from our principles of reason, truth, and civility. They do not destroy our friendships.

Tens & Hundreds of Thousands of Citizens, Brought To The Streets By

- The Dim-0-RAT$ & their enabling Dim-0-CRAPs in our phake opposition party? The professional cla$$e$ from their seats at the table, going along to get along in the legacy organization$?

Social media and fed up citizens?

Fed Up Citizens and social media?

Fantasy Art Calendar: Street Prophets Sunday All Day Brunch

Welcome to Sunday Brunch. This is an open topic thread so help yourself to the goodies and sit a spell and let us know what is new with you. My apologies for missing getting up Thursday's Coffee Hour but I was at an emergency doctor's appointment with my brother. He has sores on his only foot and leg and we have been at the doctor's offices for the last six weeks. Fortunately they think it is under control and that they will heal if he stays off the foot.

Black Cats and Attitudes: Street Prophets Sunday All Day Brunch

Welcome to Sunday Brunch. This is an open topic thread so help yourself to the goodies and sit a spell and let us know what is new with you. As many of you know I am owned by a black cat named Pixie. She can be very loving but boy does she have an attitude.

Pixie has a loud voice when she meows. When it is close to what she thinks suppertime should be she starts yelling to me. The closer to the time she is fed the more the meow comes out NOW.

Canned Music: Street Prophets Thursday Coffee Hour

Welcome to Street Prophets Thursday Coffee Hour. This is an open topic thread so help yourself to the goodies and sit a spell and let us know what is new with you. First off thanks to Ojibwa for getting coverage for my Coffee Hours while I was struggling to get well. Not 100% but doing better.

Resilience: An Upwelling

These are “interesting” times. And I haven’t seen much coming forth from the Resilience community lately. Interesting times are when we should look to that community most closely, I think. So, in an attempt to replace the depressing with the pro-active, even the Polyanna-ish if only as a catalyst, I’m going to set a little dish of . . . well, something . . . on the table to see if anyone can be enticed.

Re-laying Concrete Pavers and Our Town

It isn't as if I were posting much new material on 'that place' or the like. I was just - blah. But life goes on, and I might even show up at the polling place on a Tuesday in November. Or not. The sidewalks getting there and back, though, are uneven.

And two-thirds of the path has no sidewalks at all. That's the easy part.