The ProWar Playboook

Step #1: Wealthy capitalists identify public assets that they want to steal (see banana wars in early 20th Century, Iraqi oil 2002, Ukraine right now).
Step #2: Independent Media ignores Step 1 until years after war ends.
Step #3: MIC PR kicks into gear demonizing opponent, including xenophobia, often years before war starts (Russia 2013 to now)).

Open Thread - 12-09-22 - The Pendulum

My generation. Born of world war. Born of a conflagration so great it caused humanity to pause and reassess itself. Standing on the brink will do that. My generation was born of the "greatest generation", and was weaned by middle class affluence. It was one of those times in history when the pendulum swung in favor of the common man. It was a time when capitalism worked, and not just for the wealthy. Capitalism had prevailed over communism. It was that dualism that gave birth to my generation. Enlightened pols had gone against the grain of opulence and levied hefty taxes on the rich that paved the way for decades of prosperity. That prosperity defined my generation, but it also set us on the trajectory to the present.


Omigod fascism everywhere!

Perhaps this diary should be a play:

The "Right": Omigod Ministry of Truth! Stop the steal! Biden's a FASCIST!

The "Left: Omigod cult of personality! Racism! Steve Bannon! Trump's a FASCIST!

Zelenskyy supporters: "Putin's a FASCIST!"

Putin supporters: "Zelenskyy's a FASCIST!"

Four-part harmony, key of C7th: fascist -- fascist -- fascist -- fascist --