The Primary and Secondary Contradictions of the American Empire

To understand what I mean by contradictions, let me offer some recommended reading:

Mao's Essay On Contradiction

What exactly are the contradictions in our rotting empire? To begin with, our economy can't survive without the very things we claim to abhor such as imperialism, various means of exploitation, exceptions that maintain the rule, and that's just three.

A breakdown between Capitalism and Christianity?

Before the sick and twisted union of liberals in the Democratic Party and neoconservatives, there was an even more unholy alliance between the Church of Christ and the Church of Mammon.
This unhealthy marriage has been troubled for a few years now, but Tucker Carlson has brought this split into the open.

"There is No Middle Progressive Ideology"

I'm not sure where this is coming from but I'm certainly interested to see if this catches on and where it goes. It's exactly what is needed not only in France, but here in this country and basically the entire planet. Organize independently from the corrupted political systems that represent the oligarchies and demand a complete change in human governance from rule by the rich to power to the people.

So far I'm counting exactly ONE climate change protester

And here he is, everyone: Lee Camp, with his report on the California fires:

Never speaking the words “climate change” while whole towns literally go up in flames is like covering the drowning death of someone and never mentioning he was being waterboarded at the time. The real cause of these fires is at least half the story, if not more.

Economists have no idea how capitalism works

The experts have been asking these exact same questions for at least five years, maybe longer.
At a certain point any unbiased critique would have to conclude that the experts either don't care what the answer is (in which case they aren't experts at all), or they are completely incompetent (in which case they aren't experts at all).