Karl Marx revisited: or, the cynical class structure

Many of you are familiar with the idea of social class. There is, of course, the idea of social class as portrayed in popular culture. Social class has been around since time immemorial -- the Romans, for instance, had a class system, and the current incarnation of the Wikipedia page on this topic renders it well.

The neoliberals' cultural stock is in decline.

The neoliberals' cultural stuck is in decline. When they had that suave dude Barack Obama telling everyone he was like Gandhi or Mandela, that was totally a thing. Cultural neoliberalism was rockin' da house as every branch of government, both state and Federal, was being awarded to Republicans.

Critique of California

So the latest news from California is this:

New fires flared up in Riverside, Ventura and San Bernardino Counties on Wednesday and Thursday just as winds eased in the north and firefighters wrangling the state’s largest active blaze, the Kincade fire, managed to contain more than half of its 76,800-acre footprint for the first time.

Socialism 2019?

Who knew that socialism had already come to the US? I’d given some of these links a few days ago to Aspie Corner, but he seemed to have been off on another project.  I thought he’d enjoy a lot of this; I know I do.  First, some background:

June 28, 2019 ‘Socialism 2019: the Left at a Crossroads’, Louis Proyect,, June 28, 2018 (some bits and bobs)

“For a number of years, the International Socialists Organization, once the largest Marxist group in the USA, held educational conferences either in Chicago or in various American cities. In 2004, I attended a plenary session of a regional conference at City College in New York, mostly to hear my old friend Peter Camejo who was the featured speaker alongside Ahmed Shawki, the disgraced former leader whose cover-up of multiple rapes in the ISO led to its dissolution this year.”

Is it Possible to Confront Capitalism?

I wonder when the first time someone said, "the rich are getting richer"? I go back to almost the middle of last century and I'm sure I've heard it most of my life, and I probably heard it first from my grandpa who went back to the start of last century. If it keeps going, those rich getting richer, will there come a time when the rich have everything, then it won't have to be said anymore? How is this going to work out in the end? Seems like if it keeps going there will come a time.