Transgender woman shot in the back in Orange County

 photo shooting_zpsjhyfzhkg.jpgAn unnamed transgender woman, thought to be in her twenties or thirties, was walking along Harbor Boulevard in Santa Ana, CA, at about 3am yesterday, when she was shot in the back by a man who she said was Hispanic, with a grey hat.

After sharing that much information, the victim declined to cooperate further with the investigation.

Clinton's Voter Suppression Tactic Worked In California

For all the posturing and projecting about how hopeless the California campaign was for Sanders, the Clintonistas betrayed their insecurity and fear by how far they were willing to go to win California.

As poll after poll showed a neck-and-neck race, the Clinton team got desperate and seems to have coordinated with AP to call the race a day early.

The following explanation was shared over 1,600 times:

Huge!! New PPP poll: Sanders runs ahead of Clinton with Hispanic voters in a race against Trump

Just applied for mail-in ballot to vote for bernie !

Today was the first day to mail in your absentee ballots for CA primary.

Just confirmed my registration, and applied for a mail ballot. I would register to vote here in my university town, but marijuana felons can't vote here. So I'll just keep doing absentee votes for CA like I did in 2012.

Hellraisers Journal: Joe Hill and the Great San Francisco Earthquake and Fire of 1906

Organize! Oh, toilers, come organize your might;
Then we'll sing one song of the workers' commonwealth,
Full of beauty, full of love and health.
-Joe Hill

Tuesday April 24, 1906
From The San Francisco Call: Fire Boundary Twenty-Six Miles

San Francisco Earthquake of 1906, Fire Boundary, SF Call, Apr 23, 1906.png

Hellraisers Journal: Thousands Feared Dead as Earthquake and Fire Destroy San Francisco

Pray for the dead and fight like hell for the living.
-Mother Jones

Sunday April 22, 1906
San Francisco, California - Citizens Flee as City Burns

San Francisco Earthquake & Fire, Apr 18, 1906.png