The Evil Stupid Team Lockdown Report

When people get snide and sarcastic about "Team Lockdown" and how foolhardy it is not to follow the lead of "two Brits with a blog" who happen are THE people who can tell you what is happening in Europe, odds are they are in part targeting california. We have long been identified as being over-the-top and extreme is our "Lockdown" policy.

Post Election Drama Continued

Things continue to get interesting - not attempting any particular narrative here, but throwing out a few possibly significant new bits that people might not (yet) be finding covered elsewhere.

A bewildering variety of claims of election abuse are popping up - from local and small-scale to international and huge.

Critique of California

So the latest news from California is this:

New fires flared up in Riverside, Ventura and San Bernardino Counties on Wednesday and Thursday just as winds eased in the north and firefighters wrangling the state’s largest active blaze, the Kincade fire, managed to contain more than half of its 76,800-acre footprint for the first time.

Climate change mitigation again: California this time

The climate disasters are coming, and there probably won't be a lot of traction for the next four years because the Democrats all got behind Clinton (who wasn't going to do anything besides propose an overelaborated and useless sop to the fossil fuel companies anyway).

Judge claims he is doing us a solid

Los Angeles County Judge Gregory Keosian dismissed Richard Simmons lawsuit against National Enquirer owner American Media, saying that "it is simply not libelous or defamatory to call someone transgender."

Misidentification of a person as transgender is not actionable defamation .... The court will not validate those prejudices by legally recognizing them.

--Judge Keosian