Employing transgender people

Among other events late August saw the convening of the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of commerce in Palm Springs, CA. Among the presentations was a 75-minute discussion about transgender inclusivity in the workplace. Conducted by Beck Bailey of the Human Rights Campaign and Chris Crespo of Ernst & Young, the discussion outlined best practices for companies and coworkers in order to foster an inclusive environment.

1M to 7.2M voters may lose their right to vote in NOV because of Republican Controlled Crosscheck - 85% of whom are likely persons of color - SAT 9-10-2016 Election Updates - GA, VA, OH, NC, and perhaps 25+ more states

SAT 8-6-2016 Election Updates – Election Issues Go Mainstream – Critical Mass Building? 25+ New election links, must reads, videos and posts


25+ New  election links, must reads, videos and posts

8-5-2016 - Politico's 'How to Hack an Election in 7 Minutes' Finally Gets Close to Real Solutions - With Russia already meddling in 2016, a ragtag group of obsessive tech experts is warning that stealing the ultimate prize—victory on Nov. 8—would be child’s play. If this century has shifted our trust from away from our neighbors toward machines, it might be time to switch back again. Eight countries in Europe that once flirted with digital voting have seen six go back to paper; Britain counted its Brexit votes by hand. Even if the vote were never hacked—and it is an exceedingly implausible event—the remotest possibility is an albatross on democracy and a boon for mischief-makers, and not just the cyber attackers. Trump’s most recent jujitsu—pointing out that by virtue of the fact that the election is hackable, it could be rigged against him—illustrates this risk. Technology has amplified not only the threat of hacking, but the threat of a hack.

8-5-2016 - BradBlog - Politico summarizes much of BRAD BLOG's 15 years of e-voting coverage in 8,500 smart words.... - Please read the cover story of Politico Magazine today headlined "How to Hack an Election in 7 Minutes". Ben Wofford's excellent, comprehensive feature summarizes a great deal of almost 15 years of our work here at The BRAD BLOG.  The 8,500+ word article is far too detailed to adequately summarize, or even quote from in detail here. So please go pour a tall drink or cup of coffee (you may need several, there's a lot there) and go read about the "parabola of havoc and mismanagement that has been the fifteen-year nightmare of state and local officials", as he accurately describes it, following the horrifically misguided and ill-advised move to computerized voting and tabulation systems following the 2000 election. I suspect we've filed almost as many articles on this topic as Wofford has words in today's piece!

CA MD Election update- DNC spending millions to ensure honest elections [not] - DNC/"Super PAC" seem certain to have broken CA election law -SAT 7-22-2016- Annually the DNC spends millions election integrity/voter rights - more than all othgroups combined


Thank you Wikileaks - now we know that: Annually the DNC spends millions on election integrity/voter rights - MORE$$$ than all the election rights-integrity groups spend on elections COMBINED - After 20 years the DNC has VIRTUALLY nothing to show for how they have spent our money for more honest elections/ensuring voter rights.......... We are actually much worse off after 20 Years of their efforts............ Pathetic..

Wikileaks DNC document dump shows confirmation of illegal online posting in CA by the DNC/HRC campaign.

CA Election Update SAT 7-9-2016 – 50+ Links – DAY 32 AFTER CA Election Day - Multiple Election Lawsuits and investigations - most w/ National Ramifications


DAY 32 after California’s Election Day.  Voter satisfaction with CA Election integrity at an all time low in my humble opinion.  Things are heating up and new facts continue to come out about how the 2016 Elections have been handled.

This major California update just popped up on my Facebook feed

Sigh. I had really wanted my first essay here to be more substantive, but I wanted to share this and hadn't seen anyone else post it.

Admittedly it is a little second hand but if true could be good news.

Major Cali update - Reddit Sanders for President