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Hillary, thy name is.... (Part Six)

Part Five of this series1 focused upon Mark Penn's 2008 primary campaign strategy of portraying Obama as "The Other" (my term),2 lacking American roots, thinking and values (Penn's words, my emphasis).3 This Part focuses upon (1) an article that some believe began the birther movement; and (2) the role, if any, of Hillary campaign in that article.

Stand up and have your voice be heard- 2 weeks until the election

This election season has gotten to me and worn me down- one question is always in the back of mind "how the hell are these two candidates the best we have to offer?" Do not get me wrong, there are other choices, but these two morons are the top choices and one of them will win the position of the most powerful person on this planet.

Clinton Campaign: Russians hacking DNC! Trying to influence our elections!

Are we talking about acts of war?
Should America launch retaliatory measures?

Such is the patent nonsense we've been hearing lately in the MSM that way too many former Bernie supporters have been taking way too seriously.

For the record, what is the actual truth we are dealing with?

Corruption, the Model of Free Market Capitalism


The fraud, corruption and wasteful mismanagement is so deeply ingrained in the present capitalist system that it can make a person "insane" trying to follow up the politicians of both parties, the large corporate charities, the bankers, transnational corporations and media cronies as their corruption poisons the world.