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Kossacks4Sanders Reddit Turns to the Darkside

Some of you may recall that after the big exodus from Daily Kos following the Ides fo March decree, a subreddit called Kossacks_For_Sanders was created by a number of former prominent Bernie supporters. Over time, as other Sanders' subreddits have imploded due to subversion or infiltration by Clinton operatives, many people saw K4S as their refuge. There, topics were generally not censored (I say generally because in fact, some were).

Newly Released Email Appears To Show Favors Sought at State on Behalf of Clinton Foundation Donors UPDATED

I believe it is fair game to reprint a press release in full (since it is not a piece of journalism, per se).

We've been awaiting release of the emails produced by the FBI which were returned to the Department of State and then released to Judicial Watch. I'm not sure if this is now the full release of those documents or the first batch, but Judicial Watch is VERY excited about some of it.

I Got Your Dirty Effing Hippy to Punch Right Here, Liberal Media

The so-called liberal media is still attacking and slandering Sanders supporters and other progressives who refuse to climb on the Hillary bandwagon, as dirty, fricking hippies. You know, lazy shiftless young people or pot smoking brain dead relics from the sixties who just want "free stuff" from the government.