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Is this the new Russia?

I took a look at TOP this morning and saw this on the front page:
From Charlottesville to Netroots Nation: white supremacy is everywhere—even in progressive spaces

The word that caught my attention was "everywhere". It reminded me of debates I've had on TOP that too often ended with statements of "All white people are racist!"
It's an effective way of ending a debate, but that's the only thing that statement does.

DNC lawsuit: Caveat Donator

Lots of legal issues to unpack in the dismissal order, but the crux of the judge Zloch's argument rests on a specious and wholly unsupported legal theory of consumer protection that places an unconscionable burden on political donors to prove they actually heard a politician say he or she was honest, before the donor can sue the politician for being dishonest.

The Weekly Watch

Is a Weak Weekly Better than No Weekly Watch at All?

I guess that's kind of like asking if a weak cup of coffee (or tea) is better than none. So last week for the first time in about a year, I missed getting out my weekly news synopsis. I have a good excuse...I was kidnapped to play a dance last Saturday and then hauled across the state of Georgia to the NE corner to see the eclipse. Although I regret missing publication last week, I must tell you the eclipse was totally worth the loss. I hope you all got to see at least a bit of the event!


Could Hurricane Harvey Damage Spur Climate Change Action in TX ?

031 (1280x720).jpgWill Hurricane Harvey surge once again inundate Galveston? Fisherman's Wharf area on Ship Channel, with offshore drilling platforms and art. August, 2017. UPDATE: Pointing all toward Naomi Klein tweet in comments. Hope you will share far and wide. divineorder

Mueller Investigation of Trump Advisors involves Pro-Russian Ukrainian Org. That Hired John Podesta's Firm to Lobby Hillary's State Department

Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller has subpoenaed lobbying firms that were involved with Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn regarding their work for a Ukrainian Pro-Russian think tank, the European Centre for a Modern Ukraine, between 2012-2014. What you may not know is that the Podesta Group was also hired by the same organization to lobby the State Department while Hillary was Sec'y of State during the that time period.