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BREAKING - Oroville & Marysville CA ordered evacuated

BUTTE COUNTY, CA — Fire officials have issued evacuation orders for residents in Oroville, Marysville and areas of Yuba County Sunday evening. Officials said via social media that the auxiliary spillway of the Oroville Dam expected to fail. The National Weather Service issued a flash flood warning for Oroville at 4:15 p.m.

Sanders Rejects Effort to Draft Him Into Starting a New Political Party


Sanders Prefers Behind Democratic Party Reform Over a Splinter Party 1:59
WASHINGTON — Sen. Bernie Sanders rejected a movement to draft him into starting a new political party, telling "Meet The Press" on Sunday that his focus right now is on the Democratic Party as a whole.

Vandalism at LGBT Centers

When employees and volunteers at the Los Angeles LGBT Center arrived at work Friday, they discovered that one wall of a Center facility at Ed Gould Plaza (near Santa Monica Blvd. and Highland) had been defaced. Between 9 and 10 pm on Thursday night someone had spray painted an outer wall with graffiti: Fuck Trannies...Fuck all y'all.

The CEO as Strongman rests on the absence of organized progressive forces

There is a perverse dialectic at work when the masses vote for a CEO as leader.

Over the past 50 years the nature of the employment contract experienced by most workers has shifted radically. With the intentional destruction of labor unions by the capitalist class as it outsourced manufacturing jobs, employees were faced with no mediation between themselves and the capitalist class.

The political compass: sense of c99, where its members stand.

After days, weeks, even months of surfing the intertubes (well, actually alligators don't surf) I have come across many websites on YouTube. Some are absolutely looney, and I am not talking about Alex Jones et.al (although he is definitely "out there"). If you like conspiracy theories, you will have your heart's delight. Now, I do frequent the "Amen Corner" such as TYT, Jimmy Dore, Humanist, Secular Talk, and the Sane Progressive.

The REAL reason to oppose Trump

You can oppose Trump for being racist and sexist, and you would be right.
Then again you could have opposed Attila the Hun for not being christian, or opposed Genghis Khan for cruelty to animals, and you would be right.
You would also be missing the Bigger Picture.

Trump doesn't give a minute of his time thinking about race and gender.
Trump thinks about money. It's his raison d'être, and that's the problem.