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There are good people out there

You might find this hard to believe if you spend all your time watching the news of even perusing the various political forums and soicla media platforms on the internet. There the desire the demonize and label people evil, bad or "deplorable is strong. It can, if you let it, cause you to lose all faith on the kindness of strangers.

Alternative Realities, Deception, and Defiance

So, the POTUS lies about all kinds of things, and is singularly ill-informed.

Okay, but what about the rest of them? The ones who seem to influence the debate about alternative facts.

True or False? The POTUS can count and gave to the nation and the world an accurate count of the revelers who came to the capital to celebrate his inauguration on January 20 last.

Standing Rock: Invasion Happening Right Now


The amount of tanks and riot-gear-clad cops and National Guard, etc., is astonishing. There are still people in the camps, and there are concerns for their safety. Helicopters circling. Things are tense.

Please share and witness.

Mainstream media and the 2016 Presidential primaries Part 1

In 2011, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a Hillary Clinton fan, became head of the Democratic National Committee. In 2012, several months before Obama was even re-elected, Democratic pundits like Mark Shields and Bob Shrum were all over TV, saying that, if Hillary Clinton chose to run in 2016, no Democrat would even run against her. What an extraordinary claim, given that many politicians would dearly love to be President.

The Oil-igarchy vs. Native People (and the Rest of Us)

**livestream camera 1: https://livestream.com/unicornriot/events/7046185
camera 2: https://livestream.com/unicornriot/events/7046188

Government and military authorities, working on behalf of an oil company, have issued an ultimatum to the water protectors at Standing Rock. Leave the Oceti Sakowin camp today (February 22) by 2pm Central Time or be forcibly removed (which probably means arrested). Chase IronEyes posted some evacuation resources yesterday:

For those who choose to not be arrested after 2pm 2.22.2017.
Evacuation resources:
Buses will be at cannon ball bridge today at 8 am til feb 22, 2017@ 2 pm.
Motels provided
Bus tickets provided
Wellness and holistic provided
Gas cards
Please contact melaine 701-339-7896

Liberals Beware: Lie Down With Dogs, Get Up With Fleas

This essay is really good. Please read the whole thing. I believe the author has an accurate view of what's really going on.

The New York Times is currently engaged in one of its most ambitious projects: Removing a sitting president from office. In fact, Times columnist Nicolas Kristof even said as much in a recent article titled “How Can We Get Rid of Trump?”

Trump vs. the Media

Fake news. Diligent reporting. What's the difference?

The other night I was watching NBC news. They had a segment about how Putin was assembling a dossier of President Trump's strengths and weaknesses, and his psychological makeup. They even interviewed a Russian speaking man who said exactly what they wanted him to say.

Was this fake news? Was it real news?