At the corner of Hate and Hate

I grew up just about two miles, as the crow flies, or as the child finds a path through what we called the Creek, from Lewis and Clark College. My older brother matriculated there, played basketball for them in the late 60s for awhile. One of my major life heroes, William Stafford, taught English there for many years while I was growing up.

So it has been a major blow to me to discover that this past weekend at least two hate crimes occurred on the campus in the span of a couple of hours.

First a black student, Tanguy Muvuna, a native of Rwanda, was assaulted by three men who used racial slurs during the attack. A while later a transgender student was assaulted.

It is not known if the two attacks are related. The incidents are being investigated by both the Lewis and Clark Bias Assessment Response Team and detectives at the Portland Police Bureau.

The black student was treated for his injuries at the site of the attack and has requested that his privacy be respected. The transgender student is said to have requested to remain anonymous. Both have reportedly spent the time since the attacks in safe locations on campus.

I love everyone here.


The attacks come in the wake of the posting of racist, violent post on Yik Yak, under the hashtag #BringBackSlavery.

While we are a city that prides itself on the broad protection of free speech, no matter how abhorrent the content may be, I am calling on all of us to stand together against the use of ugly, disturbing language that inexcusably threatens or otherwise creates fear in any other person Seating Chair.

I love everyone here.

--Mayor Charlie Hales

Yesterday someone created a fake Facebook page for the LC White Student Union. Such illicit pages have been set up anonymously at many colleges in the past week, including one at my alma mater, Portland State University.

Lewis & Clark will not tolerate any behavior that threatens the safety of our community. We must stand together in the fight against oppression, discrimination, and violence of all kinds.

--Lewis and Clark statement

Portland Police Sgt. Greg Stewart said because the transgender student wished to remain anonymous, police "were not provided contact information for the victim or other information necessary to conduct further investigation."

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...12% of students of college students had reported experiencing sexual assault. The number was 17% for college seniors.

For transgender and gender nonconforming students, that statistic is at 19%., 24.1% for undergraduates and 15.5% for graduate students.

The report is based on a survey of 150072 students by the Association of American Universities.

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