UPDATED: Paging Spike Lee! (News from the Dept. of "You Can't Make This Sh*t Up!")

I just couldn't resist bringing this story from Sunday's WaPo to the attention of readers, here at C99P. Essentially, it's a story about how, "One of the largest and oldest neo-Nazi groups in the United States appears to have an unlikely new leader: James Stern, a black activist who has vowed to dismantle it."

hmmm ... what is it about racism?

well, I have a problem and you could help me with it.
1. Is there racism in the world or not?
2. If you think, yes, there is, and you just think it, but never say a word about it, is that racism then or is it just a matter of "Die Gedanken sind Frei" ("Thoughts are Free")
3. If you think, yes, there is, and say so, is that then racism or just 'truth telling'?

Where Russiagate meets Identity Politics

You probably knew that you were a Putin Puppet, but did you know that you were a Nazi too?
I didn't know that I was a Nazi until recently. It was a surprise to me because a large branch of my family was executed in the Holocaust by actual Nazis.
How did I become an anti-Semite? I used the term "globalist".

Classism is a bigger problem than racism in our justice system

I don't believe that there is any place in society today where racism is more prevalent than in our criminal justice system.
And yet, how the unfortunate people that fall into the clutches of the police, courts, and prisons are treated is determined more by the color green, than by black or white.
This may be hard for some people to accept, so I have two studies to back up this claim.

Clear and Present Danger

clear and present danger.jpg

There's been a lot of talk from the farther left that Trump is a symptom and not the disease. That he is simply the next step in this unfortunate reality we face, an in your face representation of what this country has devolved into and that we should not focus on him like the democratic party is doing but on the bigger picture.

Why is moving the Overton Window not mentioned in 2016 election autopsies?

So, there is another major essay trying to understand and explain Trump's victory. In case you haven't seen mention of it yet, I am referring to The Nationalist's Delusion, by The Atlantic's senior political editor, Adam Serwer. It is an excellent, though lengthy read, which reaches the usual conclusion: white Americans are bigoted.

Is this the new Russia?

I took a look at TOP this morning and saw this on the front page:
From Charlottesville to Netroots Nation: white supremacy is everywhere—even in progressive spaces

The word that caught my attention was "everywhere". It reminded me of debates I've had on TOP that too often ended with statements of "All white people are racist!"
It's an effective way of ending a debate, but that's the only thing that statement does.