Album of the Week 3-2-24

Afternoon folks!

It's a great week this week. Starting off, there's a compilation of later recordings by early Chicago bluesman Tampa Red. After that there's another compilation of some great r&b by piano player Joe Liggins and his band. Finishing off the blues category there's a half of a live album by B.B. King which I'll post the other half eventually after I do some more cleaning up of the disc. In a category of its own is an album by the Jimmy Castor Bunch which you'll probably recognize one of his big early 70's hits, "The Troglodyte Song," it's kind of an interesting album. In the blues-rock category there are albums by John Mayall and Canned Heat and finishing us up in the diversity category is a solo album by Rick Danko of The Band.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Here 'tis:

Tampa Red Featuring Johnny Jones - 1944-1952

Great Rhythm & Blues Oldies Volume 6 - Joe Liggins

B.B. King - Live & Well

The Jimmy Castor Bunch - It's Just Begun

John Mayall - Last Of The British Blues

Canned Heat - Hallelujah

Rick Danko - Rick Danko

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Prolly go with the Dango for reasons

Tanks man!

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yeah, i don't think that i can pick a favorite amongst these, either. i like them all best at different times. Smile

have a good one!

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for Christmas. So now I can finish digitizing my vinyl LPs and 45s. Smile Having a field day listening to all sorts of tunes on my trusty headphones. Will be checking these out, joe. Smile Rec'd!!

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Inner and Outer Space: the Final Frontiers.

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it's a great way to spend your spare time. i first just thought of it as a covid lockdown project, but it is way better than that. i really enjoy getting back in touch with music from a different part of my life.

have a good time digitizing and have a great weekend!

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Hey Joe!

Awesome stack o'disks man! That Danko had a stellar lead guitar lineup of players... In Robbie Robertsons you can sure hear the Roy Buchanan influence in his solo... most excellent.

Love that Canned Heat. 'Time Was' rules. Smile A buddy called a few months ago, said I wouldn't believe what he had in his hand. He explained his ms had mailed away to a website for a scarce Canned Heat CD. He was holding the apology letter and a $20 refund check from Adolfo. I said 'de la Parra'? Yep... he said he wasn't going to cash it even if he had to reimburse the ms the $20. LOL

Thanks for the tunes!

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glad you enjoyed the music!

hope you had a good weekend.

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