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I am not sure I want to add anything to this book review:

How to Get on TV

It's a better summary of this year's World Cup politics than anything I could come up with. Please read it all the way through. Yeah, I know, it's a book review, by someone else. It's a very good one. I guess I could say in summary that places like Qatar would not be what they are if a very large portion of the human race wasn't being left to twist in the wind while the power-mongers and money-grubbers manipulated them.

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-- because it has the word "power-mongers" in it...

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"The West doesn't spend any time, or, our policymakers in Washington spend no time thinking about, like, what are the achievable goals here?" -- Tucker Carlson, on Project Ukraine

Instead of fiddling while Rome burns it's the whole planet.

And to be fair, for the last anecdote of the piece, there is nothing more liberating than riding a motorcycle. And to ride it across Europe as a young Qatari? Rich, no troubles? What a fucking life, eh? But yeah, he's right. Happiness has nothing to do with riches. Being completely powerless, however, kind of sucks. is still a beautiful game.

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