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I am not sure I want to add anything to this book review:

How to Get on TV

It's a better summary of this year's World Cup politics than anything I could come up with. Please read it all the way through. Yeah, I know, it's a book review, by someone else. It's a very good one. I guess I could say in summary that places like Qatar would not be what they are if a very large portion of the human race wasn't being left to twist in the wind while the power-mongers and money-grubbers manipulated them.

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-- because it has the word "power-mongers" in it...

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"you can say what you want about this country and I love this place. I love the freedoms we used to have..." -- George Carlin

Instead of fiddling while Rome burns it's the whole planet.

And to be fair, for the last anecdote of the piece, there is nothing more liberating than riding a motorcycle. And to ride it across Europe as a young Qatari? Rich, no troubles? What a fucking life, eh? But yeah, he's right. Happiness has nothing to do with riches. Being completely powerless, however, kind of sucks. is still a beautiful game.

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