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Censored, Canceled, Incarcerated, and Controlled

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Across the media platforms TPTB are controlling the narrative. You will be banned if you color outside the lines. Even the president of the United States (who as Dylan says must sometimes have to stand naked) was canceled. Despite eliminating Trump from the social media platforms, MSM can't resist continuing to use him for click bait just as they did in 2016 and through his presidency. Several things happened this week which led to this topic today. Donziger was convicted and sentenced to about four years of prison for winning a judgement against Chevron. Hale was also sentenced for about four years for revealing US droning of primarily innocent civilians. Julian sits in a maximum security prison for daring to expose US war crimes....And there's much more below the fold.

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JFK's assassination is often cited as the source of the term "conspiracy theory" because it is an expression of dismissal to use against anyone who questions the accepted narrative.

In 2013 Professor Lance Dehaven-Smith in a peer-reviewed book published by the University of Texas Press showed that the term “conspiracy theory” was developed by the CIA as a means of undercutting critics of the Warren Commission’s report that President Kennedy was killed by Oswald.

Oliver Stone has a new documentary which premiered last week at Cannes that looks at the facts and supplements his movie, JFK.

When ‘JFK: Revisited’ premiered on Monday, July 12, the mainstream media didn’t praise it or pan it. They pretended it didn’t exist.

The New York Times’ vast coverage of Cannes consisted of 11 articles, most focusing on the more salacious content, such as ‘Benedetta’, a steamy story about lesbian nuns, ‘Annette’, a musical where Adam Driver sings while performing oral sex on Marion Cotillard, and ‘Titane’, where a woman has sex with a car and lactates oil. But not once has ‘JFK Revisited’ been mentioned in the supposed ‘paper of record’.

The same is true of the Washington Post, Boston Globe, LA Times, Chicago Tribune, the Guardian, the Atlantic, the New Yorker and every mainstream outlet I searched, as none of them acknowledge ‘JFK Revisited’ exists at all.

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Oliver discusses the documentary and its larger implications

Film director Oliver Stone talks about his new film ‘JFK: Revisited: Through The Looking Glass’. He discusses JFK’s often over-looked campaigns for peace with the Soviet Union and Cuba prior to his assassination as well as work furthering civil rights, the details exposing an alleged cover-up of the assassination of JFK including rapid policy changes from the successor LBJ administration and alleged CIA involvement in the assassination, why larger powers wanted John F. Kennedy dead, JFK’s preparations to shatter the CIA and his belief that the war in Vietnam was a mistake, how the events leading up to the assassination of JFK were meticulously planned and the CIA’s involvement on the day, Lee Harvey-Oswald’s supervision by the CIA and much more! (28 min)

Perhaps to best way to censor and cancel information is simply to refuse to talk or write about it. TPTB have been very effective in suppressing all conversation and labeling those who explore to possibility the CIA killed JFK as out of touch. Discussion still isn't allowed.

I also suspect CIA/FBI involvement in MLK, RFK and Malcolm X assassinations as well as 9/11. People are not even aware of cointelpro nor operation mockingbird. I do not doubt the continuation of these programs today.
JFK to 9/11 Everything Is A Rich Man s Trick (Documentary)

How about a more contemporary example? One like Jeffery Epstein, who to my mind was clearly murdered while in custody because he had the goods on so many powerful people. We know the CIA/FBI or some intelligence agency claimed him as an asset. In fact the CIA is involved in more than one child trafficking operation as well as the drug trade.

This week Chris Hedges talks to investigative journalist Nick Bryant about the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell. (26 min)

It isn't just the suppression of revelations of politics and spooks, but also science. As many of you know I'm a scientist. It blows my mind that scientific debate isn't allowed (especially on certain subjects which might disrupt profit streams). Science requires debate and alternate hypothesis to progress. Persecuting scientists for developing new and novel ideas is probably as old as science. Galileo comes to mind. Dr Paul Mason talks about eminence versus evidence based nutrition science. However in the case of the censoring and canceling of the FLCCC there are no more eminent critical care doctors than these folks. They wrote the textbooks, yet none the less are silenced across many media platforms.

Watch as long as you find it interesting. I found this week's FLCCC weekly update with Dr. Merik intriguing as well.

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Jimmy Dore had adverse reaction to his vaccines. He tweeted about it and has been attacked. Jimmy and Joe Rogan discussed it this week. (13 min)

Jimmy also talked with Matt Orfalea about his YouTube censorship this week (25 min)
Matt Taibbi also talked with Matt and wrote more generally about the new restrictive media landscape.

Jordan Chariton is also being censored for playing actual footage from the 1/6 capitol riot. (9 min)

Bret Weinstein was surprised that Wikipedia altered his page. (10 min)
He should read the Grayzone.
I once heard Jimmy and Max discuss their wiki pages. Jimmy Dore has also been falsely edited and will not allow him to edit his own page. Max was simply disappeared...they just eliminated his wiki page. Jimmy said he preferred that over telling blatant lies about him.

I find Max and the Grayzone journalists some of the most trustworthy...Here he is explaining how the CIA politicizes art and music, in this example regarding Cuba.

Max Blumenthal rips the cover off the San Isidro Movement, a group of Cuban dissidents credited in US media with providing the "catalyst" for recent protests, revealing their extensive backing from Washington's regime change networks and their vitriolic right-wing politics. (11.5 min)

Max Blumenthal discuss Congressional Democrats, the Israel lobby, and the weaponization of antisemitism to silence Palestine solidarity activism. (10 min)

Max is moving to Rokfin and Bret and the Dark horse podcast (as well as the FLCCC) are moving to Odysee

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Information that has been crucial to understanding and opposing US imperialism has long been blacked out from the corporate media. However, with the emergence of online media, or “new” media, previously hard to find information is more readily accessible for many more people. Jackson Hinkle often highlights issues of war in peace and has recently discussed Cuba, Palestine, Syria, and more.

Jackson Hinkle is the host of The Dive with Jackson Hinkle, self described as a, “populist-left perspective on news and political commentary. We are the leftist independent media that CNN doesn’t want you to hear.”

Worse than suppression and canceling is imprisonment. There are currently several on going examples.

Perhaps the most blatant is Julian Assange's case. I fear he is being slowly executed.

Doctors for Assange began writing to governments in late 2019 warning that imprisoned WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange was in a fragile state of health, and could die in prison. The doctors have repeatedly called for his release on urgent medical grounds. Since then, medical experts who examined Assange testified in court to the seriousness of his medical condition. They explained that he would not survive oppressive prison conditions, and his extradition to the United States was denied on those grounds.

The High Court in London subsequently stood by the medical findings, and ruled that the medical evidence could not be challenged. Meanwhile, having won his case, Assange remains in the very conditions that caused and perpetuated his precarious state of health in the first place. With appeals set to drag on for years, unless Assange is released from prison, there is every reason to expect his condition to deteriorate, potentially dramatically so.

Given the medical evidence that is openly on the table now, Doctors for Assange warns that Julian Assange may not survive the appeal process.”

There is no