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Censored, Canceled, Incarcerated, and Controlled

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Across the media platforms TPTB are controlling the narrative. You will be banned if you color outside the lines. Even the president of the United States (who as Dylan says must sometimes have to stand naked) was canceled. Despite eliminating Trump from the social media platforms, MSM can't resist continuing to use him for click bait just as they did in 2016 and through his presidency. Several things happened this week which led to this topic today. Donziger was convicted and sentenced to about four years of prison for winning a judgement against Chevron. Hale was also sentenced for about four years for revealing US droning of primarily innocent civilians. Julian sits in a maximum security prison for daring to expose US war crimes....And there's much more below the fold.

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A Nation of Men and Women, not Laws

As a longtime leftie, I despair of the deliberately self-defeating tactics the so-called opposition is using to get rid of Trump: "blame Russia" and "Me Too". To pick these two tactics when there are so many other avenues for actually impeaching the man (before he sells what is left of America to the billionaire class, and then blows us all to kingdom come) shows what a phony, Kabuki theater our duopolistic political system has become.