Letter from a pediatrician

Letter from a pediatrician

Dear Families,

I was your child’s doctor until I was fired by my clinic. What happened? I was placed on unpaid administrative leave a few months ago for “failing to comply” with the “show me your papers” vaccine mandate from my state governor. My employer abruptly cancelled my already booked clinic schedule and I have no idea what they told you about why I “disappeared.” I chose to stay silent for the last few months so that the clinic could not say that they fired me because I spoke out about what was happening. Now that they have made their final move, I can speak with the certainty that they fired me only due to my refusal to comply with the unconstitutional vaccine mandate.

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The Fringe with Unacceptable Views

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These are interesting times. Voicing unacceptable views is simply not tolerated and you will be disappeared. Revealing US war crimes will land you in prison, but manufacturing Russian crimes will elevate your platform and position. It is manufactured consent on steroids, no dissent allowed. So no wonder the US citizenry is ill informed, cheering on Nazis.

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Controlling the Narrative

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Is it collective amnesia? Have people forgotten the lie of WMD's? How about the democracy we brought to Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan? Do people think those countries are better off now than before we destroyed them? Are we so propagandized we've become blind? Sure seems so. The acceptance of absurdity seems systemic to me... down to and including today's time change. As usual, it may be that we're a dollar short and a day late ...but today we're also an hour early
(to give you an extra hour to shop after work)

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Meet "Dr Jo" numero dos

G'day C99. The opening salvo....er.....first in the Meet Dr Jo series went about as I expected. On the negative side a couple members didn't read or didn't understand that I'm not seeking an argument. Go find a fence post if you want to win an argument. What any of you think about me is none of my business and, frankly, I don't care. The don't care part is unusual but I already knew and rejected what I was likely to receive from some directions before I wrote the essay.

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So Much Happening, does anyone know

What's Goin' On?

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This week let's look at the world news. There's so much going on it is easy to lose track. The Russia narrative continues in the MSM...aggressive Russia amasses troops on Ukraine's border...never mentioning they are in Russia. The US responds by sending more troops to the Russian border. The US drones more Syrians, and sends more weapons to the UAE to commit war crimes on Yemen. Israel continues to destroy Palestinian homes to promote Jewish settlements, as they forge more ties with Saudi Arabia and Oman. Plus lots more below the fold...

I just want to remind everyone why censorship is bad

There's been a lot of talk about how the liberals have dabbled in censorship these days.
Please don't misunderstand what I'm about to say. Censorship is always bad, especially from anything left of center.
But I think people have forgotten the primary reason why it's so bad:

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Censored, Canceled, Incarcerated, and Controlled

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Across the media platforms TPTB are controlling the narrative. You will be banned if you color outside the lines. Even the president of the United States (who as Dylan says must sometimes have to stand naked) was canceled. Despite eliminating Trump from the social media platforms, MSM can't resist continuing to use him for click bait just as they did in 2016 and through his presidency. Several things happened this week which led to this topic today. Donziger was convicted and sentenced to about four years of prison for winning a judgement against Chevron. Hale was also sentenced for about four years for revealing US droning of primarily innocent civilians. Julian sits in a maximum security prison for daring to expose US war crimes....And there's much more below the fold.

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OT - Censorship, Deplatforming, and Other Threats to C99

There are two segments to this and the first is broader and more general. Those paying attention have noticed that there has been a major assault on dissenting and/or otherwise non-conforming narratives and the creators of such by faceplant, tweeter, you tube and similar content transmission vehicles up to and including even pieces of the MSM like Faux News.