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Censored, Canceled, Incarcerated, and Controlled

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Across the media platforms TPTB are controlling the narrative. You will be banned if you color outside the lines. Even the president of the United States (who as Dylan says must sometimes have to stand naked) was canceled. Despite eliminating Trump from the social media platforms, MSM can't resist continuing to use him for click bait just as they did in 2016 and through his presidency. Several things happened this week which led to this topic today. Donziger was convicted and sentenced to about four years of prison for winning a judgement against Chevron. Hale was also sentenced for about four years for revealing US droning of primarily innocent civilians. Julian sits in a maximum security prison for daring to expose US war crimes....And there's much more below the fold.

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OT - Censorship, Deplatforming, and Other Threats to C99

There are two segments to this and the first is broader and more general. Those paying attention have noticed that there has been a major assault on dissenting and/or otherwise non-conforming narratives and the creators of such by faceplant, tweeter, you tube and similar content transmission vehicles up to and including even pieces of the MSM like Faux News.

Facebook is not a private company

If "Facebook Is Private", Why Are They Feeding Users' Private Messages Directly To The FBI?

Despite decrying censorship when it was happening to them last year, when Donald Trump was banned from Twitter and Facebook earlier this month, the left praised the move by big tech. “Facebook is a private company and can do what they want,” the pro-censorship hypocritical crowd chanted ad nauseum through the digital ether after bad orange man was silenced. But as we have said time and again, Facebook being private is simply not true.

Now, however, Facebook has made an unscrupulous Faustian bargain with the federal government which should eliminate all doubt once and for all. They are now willfully handing over private messages of Trump supporters who talked about the events at the capitol on January 6 to the FBI. ....

More censorship purges of left-wing pages and individuals

Facebook purges left-wing pages and individuals

On Friday, Facebook carried out a purge of left-wing, antiwar and progressive pages and accounts, including leading members of the Socialist Equality Party. Facebook gave no explanation why the accounts were disabled or even a public acknowledgement that the deletions had occurred. .....

F@ckin’ Moranz

The gov’t outsourced its spying on the people to private corporations and most are ‘okay with it’. It’s Not the gov’t doing it, so it’s ‘All Good’.

Now, we’ve got the gov’t outsourcing Censorship to those same corporations and again, most are ‘okay with it’. It’s Not the gov’t doing it, so it’s ‘All Good’.

What the Fuck Happened to these people?
I Know what’s Wrong with them(they’re Fucked in the Head), I just don’t know what happened to them.

PCR-Based Covid Testing Has Failed, plus, Censorship

The first part of the title is the heading for a memo four prominent doctors have written in order to brief Members of Parliament in the UK. I have provided a link to that memo below, as reproduced on the UK website, Lockdown Skeptics.

You may ask, why have I linked to a document intended for British law makers? The issue is the accuracy and validity of the PCR tests used to diagnose Covid19 in the general population, as well as in hospital. We use the same tests here in the USA, as does most of the world. These tests are used to diagnose "cases" of Covid19, so when you see media reports that cases are going up or down, they are reporting on the results of these PCR tests. These results then affect government policy--whether businesses can stay open or have to close, if certain areas are locked down, etc. Obviously, it is important that the testing produce accurate results and in general be fit for the purpose. The problem is, they are not.

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COVID and Control

We're being controlled, threatened with a COVID club. It provides excellent cover for outright economic thievery (transferring unbelievable wealth upward), the demolition of the few decaying social services including the post office, the increasing corruption of our elections, and more corporate control, coups, and war. I can't help but be fascinated with the nature of this virus and its reverberating effects on our society. This pandemic has revealed US incompetence on so many levels. Perhaps the people are prepared to reset the system. All the protests suggest some awareness. I hope we will find our way to the garden...some have. But of course, the more things change, the more they stay the same.


Hillary Clinton: Free Speech is "Authoritarian"

So the former Secretary of State and twice-failed presidential candidate has made a few comments about social media to The Atlantic, and rarely have I seen Orwellian doublespeak laid out so plainly. I don't know if she lacks the self-awareness to realize how she sounds, or if for her, saying this stuff publicly is just an expression of power: I will say what I want because this is my world and all you little people just live in it.