Facebook laying groundwork to censor criticism of Israel

If you've read some of my comments, you might have gleaned that I am pro Antifa and hate nazis. Despite that, I am less than thrilled to hear Facebook is going to ban Nazis.


American has become a country-sized version of Burpelson Air Base

Trump's Venezuela aggression, and the media and fake-liberal Dem response to it, have pushed me to a new level of awareness of the complete failure of America as a democracy. This RANT tries to organize the collection of outrages battling for the top spot in my consciousness.

How the War Against Dissent will be carried out.

It began with Trump giving brand name status to the meme "Fake News". The War Against Dissent is the elite's reaction to social media. This is how the war will be carried out:

Step One: define the truth. Establish what is an acceptable narrative and then brand anything else as disinformation.

Why public grave dancing should not be censored.

Some of you are young enough not to remember the days before the internet. In those days, the media could muffle public outcries, turn a blind eye to protests. Movements like we see nowadays were not possible because it was easier to keep them compartmentalized. Outrage didn't go viral. People as a whole didn't get woke. An insidious form of censorship existed back then. It was censorship through ignorance.

Liberal Politicians hide in moneyed bunkers and move phantom armies

Like Hitler in the last days under Berlin, neoliberal/neocon Democrats have completely lost touch with reality. They are convinced that one more try with Russiagate (or now Khasshogi-gate) will bring victory over the hated Trump. They fantasize that "we're not Trump" is going to raise a voter army from people who were screwed over by Obama, demonized by Hillary, and shut out by the Democratic Party insiders.

Twitter suspends account of James Woods because - wait, is this a joke?

I'm gobsmacked and nearly without words. Yesterday, Twitter locked out actor James Woods from his twitter account because of a meme he tweeted back in July, citing a violation of its rules, arguing the tweet had the “potential to be misleading in a way that could impact an election.”

If TwitFaceGoog (TFG) worked for Democracy...

they'd undertake a massive campaign to educate users on how to tell the difference between claims and facts. They'd grace the People with the reasoning abilities to know when something is proven, disproven, or needs more information before deciding its value.

Teach people how rhetorical tricks and manipulative tactics are used on them. Teach people how trolls operate. How to check the sourcing, and whether there is more than one source.

The Weekly Watch

Ninth Dimensional Distractions

American people are routinely misinformed, misled, and deceived by the lame stream media. It is no wonder that we are rushing head long toward extinction. The international media has displayed less interest in global warming and climate change throughout the last decade. For the most part, US citizens can barely keep their heads above water as they struggle with multiple jobs...or no job. Snippets of news are all people have to inform their world views.

July 3, 2017, to July 3, 2018, MSNBC dedicated zero segments to the US’s war in Yemen, but 455 segments to Stormy Daniels. … After all, Obama backed the war on Yemen—though not nearly as aggressively as Trump has—and it’s difficult to make a coherent left-wing, anti-war criticism when the current Republican in office is simply carrying out your guy’s policy, but on steroids.

https://fair.org/home/action-alert-its-been-over-a-year-since-msnbc-has-... And it isn't just US media...even in New Zealand people get the corporate spin. We face even more serious threats to independent media due to a spate of corporate censorship. Facebook and Twitter in conjunction with CIA staffed think tanks are taking down accounts of Iranians, Russians, and others they deem inappropriate. Even Telesur English was removed from Facebook for a few days until public outcry paved the way for their return https://mronline.org/2018/08/21/what-is-behind-facebook-deleting-telesur...


The Weekly Watch

Corporate Censorship in the Age of American Aggression

The meme of fake news is very effective. There are so many lies told again and again and again that they are accepted as truth. You now select your own truth. Examples that come to mind: the DNC HACK (not leak), recently elected Maduro is a dictator, Russia is hacking our election and they poisoned a spy in Britain, Assange is a Russian agent, Assad gases his people so we MUST bomb him, Iran the aggressor put their country in the middle of OUR military bases and on top of OUR oil, Israel is our ally and is for peace and stability in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia must battle the evil Houthis who are working with Iran to overthrown the crown prince, and on and on...