The Powers That Be and their Distraction Games

I've suggested in a number of previous diaries that the Biden administration doesn't really have a climate change policy. The reasons for this lack of a policy are obvious: the Biden administration is sold out to oil interests, whose main concern is that the owning class that controls them, both Biden administration and owning class being Powers That Be, be allowed full rights of kingship on a dead planet. And for some reason the dead planet in question has to be Earth -- it can't be Venus. You'd think that Venus would be a natural for the Dead Climate Change Planet role, with between 90 and 95 Earth atmospheres, 96% of them carbon dioxide, blanketing its surface and providing the owning class with all the greenhouse effect they could possibly want. And 900 degrees Fahrenheit day and night on the surface of Venus? The elites like it hot -- that's why they're aiding and abetting "global warming" here on Earth.

Actually, the owning class does have a favorite extra-solar planet -- it's Mars. Nobody is going to colonize Mars, though. Mars has 7 millibars of atmosphere, enormous dust storms, perchlorates in the soil, exposure to solar radiation highly conducive to dementia, 37% Earth gravity playing Hell with human muscles, extreme bouts of cold weather. Couldn't we just send Elon Musk there by himself? Maybe then they could make a movie about him and -- no, wait, that's been done already.

What's really at issue -- what's behind the distractions and deceptions -- is not, however, populating Mars, but, rather, depopulating Earth. Capitalism-caused climate change will depopulate Earth if carried on for long enough. The climate-change-induced flooding of Europe has gotten attention -- after all, Europe has plenty of people in it and dozens of them died in recent floods. But what should really command our attention, I would argue here, is the Bootleg Fire. (I am told, by the way, by a friend from the UK, that the Bootleg Fire is international news). By the time you read this, the Bootleg Fire will have consumed 400,000 acres of land, creating its own weather, and spreading smoke clouds from Oregon all the way to the East Coast. Granted, the Bootleg Fire is in an area where there are very few people, and many of those people are delusional Trump-supporting climate deniers. What needs to be remembered about the Bootleg Fire is that it is already enormous and growing by leaps and bounds with at least two months of extreme-version fire season to come.

So what we must conclude is that the Powers That Be have a singular, one and only one, climate change strategy -- deception/ distraction. "LOOK OVER THERE!" is their unified rallying cry. For the Biden administration, among other Powers That Be, to create an effective strategy of distraction, its representatives need to create a really compelling mass delusion. Unfortunately for the Biden administration, its current attempts at drumming up mass delusion appear to have been flops. Nonetheless they soldier on, keeping in mind Scott Adams' injunction (from his book Win Bigly, p. 62):

If you don't know how frequently mass delusions occur in your daily experience, many of your opinions about the world are likely to be nonsense. That's because mass delusions are the norm for humanity, not the exception.

So what great strategies of distraction and deception does the Biden administration have? Well, awhile back they were working on a Cold War with China, and now they've moved in on publicity about protests in Cuba.

About right here you might be asking: who, pray tell, will save us from these idiocies? Will it be Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the supposed champion of truth and justice in the US Congress? Here's what Max Blumenthal has to say:

See, this is the problem with Biden-administration-generated mass delusion. Who's going to play along with this stuff? you might be asking. I know the answer. Democrats! Ineffective distractions, deceptions, and delusions cheapen the brand name, which then has to be defended by Democratic Party "liberals" who don't have the resources to make it look good.

When you look at this picture of ineffective Biden administration strategies of distraction, deception, and delusion, be sure to keep in mind that the long-term strategy isn't likely to work either. Here's Saagar Enjeti on that little matter:

The Republicans, you see, are so much more effective at distractions and tomfoolery. They're so effective, you see, that they've got the victims of climate change locked into ideological positions of "climate change skepticism." It is the Republican distraction game, therefore, that will carry the day, assuming, of course, that the Sacred Two-Party System remains indefinitely unchanged.

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distractions, deceptions, and delusions
as practiced by the PTB only seem to buy them some
time before accountability kicks-in

on offer - a different option ..

snip \ the (existing) system is designed to profit off our demise

We are working to put the power back in the hands of the people. I'm joining a Party that does better than making promises on the campaign trail only to pass bread-crumb legislation when they make it to office.

To quote one of my inspirations, Union and Labor organizer Mother Jones, “My address is like my shoes. It travels with me. I abide where there’s a fight against wrong.”

Paula Jean Swearengin
Candidate Engagement Director
People’s Party

one can hope
thanks cass

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though I have no illusions that TPTB would campaign harder against the Repub’s candidate than they would the People’s Party. If we’re ever to have a viable third party it’s going to be a long, nasty slog.

As in a casino, the odds always favor the house over the players, that’s how they stay in business.

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I'm tired of this back-slappin' "isn't humanity neat" bullshit. We're a virus with shoes. - Bill Hicks

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is capitalist logging. No, wait! Capitalist grazing! No, wait! Capitalist logging! No, wait!

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"Freedom is always, and exclusively, freedom for the one who thinks differently.” -- Rosa Luxemburg

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@Cassiodorus @Cassiodorus

'owned' or managed by the state or feds, it shows
another fine example of the consequences
of the highly touted public / private partnerships
being shoved down our throats

one of my favorite signs when out in the wilds:

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When I started speaking out about China, I felt so alone. But this was a safe place for the truth and I felt a certain obligation — after all we had been though this once, speaking the unpopular truth about RussiaGate, and identifying US false flags attacks. The truth was tolerated here, when it was spoken nowhere else. I knew my voice would be granted a little space, and there might be a pause in the crazy Russia narrative that would give the truth time to reveal itself. And it did, but not before US diplomacy and credibility were lethally damaged.

However, China was much more difficult. Especially after the Ft. Detrick weaponized coronavirus became a global pandemic — which was blamed on China and the Wuhan Lab.

(We now know — or you will soon know — that the pandemic started in the United States, and in the space of a few frantic months many countries around the world were seeded with the pathogen BEFORE it arrived in China. Wuhan has the only BSL/4 bio-lab in China, and the NIH and CDC gave them samples of bat coronaviruses developed by the Pentagon, and the US paid Chinese scientists to conduct research. Thus, Wuhan was destined to be seeded with SARS-CoV-2 in early November during the international Military olympics Games held there. Athletes from several countries, including France, returned home from Wuhan sick with Covid-19 — before the virus had even had even been discovered. In a few places in the world, the virus was already wild. The US was one such place. The disease was diagnosed as pneumonia in older populations, and in younger people, it was disguised as Trump's much publicized Vaping Disease. Vaping Disease appeared out of nowhere in the summer of 2019 and abruptly disappeared forever when Covid-19 hit Wuhan.)

I didn't mention anything about the pandemic, in defending China. Those events were way too outlandish to start off with. Instead, I stuck to the outrageous lies about Xinjiang and the Chinese Uighurs, who were coincidently lifted out of poverty in 2020 and became China's number one tourist destination that same year, as well. Sixty-seven nations have sent delegations to tour XinJiang since then. XinJiang has more mosques, 25,000, that many Middle East Countries. All of them refurbished. The Anglo nations have refused all invitations from China, and are doubling down on their war-mongering lies. The US has sanctioned the Uighur's most valuable export, cotton — claiming that the (now middle-class) Uighurs are used for cotton-picking slave labor. The US threatens any country that buys cotton from the Uighurs, which happens to be prized for its quality and is a source of wealth for them.

It's true that international expats are striking back at the West with videos. We are all glimpsing the face of evil now. Just about everything Americans think they know about China is 100 precent wrong.

Little known China facts: Did you know that China has spent decades planting trees and creating forests, racing to replace the Amazon Rain forest? China has a large military, used mostly for extraordinary public services. Since this military does not attack other countries, they are deployed to plant trees. Satellite photos show a forest-covered China compared to 30 years ago. They are also reclaiming the Gobi Desert with greenbelts. China will be carbon neutral before 2030. The entire country is mobilized for this.

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One Earth, One People, One Love, One Future… or none at all.
Those were the terms of the deal.

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@Pluto's Republic

Who decided to unleash Covid on the world? Bildeberg, the CRF or TLC or? Wouldn’t it be if true that most country’s leaders would have been in on it?

Thanks for the info on China too. I know that we are bombarded with propaganda and I’m never sure what to believe.

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The donor class doesn’t want it, and Americans elect the bribed. So suck it up.

The Ostrich should be the national bird not the Eagle

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Big Oil (the Kochs in particular) must be advance-scouts from Venus on a terraformingVenusoforming mission.

But how can we even begin to talk about global warming when RACISM/REPARATIONS FOR SHIT THAT'S BEYOND LIVING MEMORY!!!/ENTERTAINMENT-THAT'S-OFFENSIVE-TO-PEOPLE-WITH-PERSONALITY-DISORDERS! are SOOOOO much more important? We can't just say 'it's beneath our notice, we've got bigger fish to fry', because anyone who doesn't enable their (literal?) insatiable addiction to attention WILL be targeted. Given that the ORIGINAL Nazis were at least putatively keen on environmentalism (, we seem to currently be on a one-way train to a "White-and-Green-Supremacist" regime (and oh, lookie! I was personally fucked over by the '000s regime, I was fucked over AGAIN by the post-2014 regime, and this'll REAAAAAALLY fuck me over! How lucky must I be, to be the ULTIMATE blindspot in the Intersectionalist death-web?!?).

The Betrayal of Science and Reason (, written in the '90s and I think one of the first to call out the Kochs, DESPERATELY needs a sequel - and this one needs to take merciless aim at Achenar-Team and their new love affair with hatemongering and pseudoscience.

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We live in a society in which "we live in a society" is now considered a subversive and vaguely-threatening statement.

In the Land of the Blind, the one-eyed man is declared insane when he speaks of colors.

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In 1949, General Motors, Standard Oil of California, Firestone and others were convicted of conspiring to monopolize the sale of buses and related products to local transit companies controlled by NCL and other companies; they were acquitted of conspiring to monopolize the ownership of these companies.

We intentionally destroyed what used to be the best public transit system in the world, addicting us to oil and gas, and creating an underclass who did not have the incomes to buy the expensive cars now needed to get to many jobs.

National City Lines the company set up to run public transit into the ground., was notoriously racist. Adding a new indignity / ordeal that black people going to or from work had to endure when they just wanted to sit down. On the National City Lines buses they were supposed to give up their seats for white passengers who had gotten on after them and they were supposed to sit in the back of the bus.

Access Denied to me to read Rosa Park's story about National City Lines treatment of her and the subsequent boycott of the company's racist buses.

You don't have permission to access "" on this server.

Hello, is anybody reading this?

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for the masses doesn't rhyme with
kiss the asses of the profiteers
here in the land of the slaves

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The surface temperature on Venus is hot enough to melt lead. I don't think its going to be terraformed, ever. They just want us to think there are spare planets that thanks to their infinite wisdom and justice, that we could. Like the Elon Musk's Hype train, its propaganda.

So pollute the shit out of everything, kiddies, no worries. We've got your ass. Just like the Green New Deal, help is on the way.

Keep buying useless junk.

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The US Is The Absolute Worst: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix
July 21, 2021

America has the single worst government in the world. Shut the fuck up about Cuba.

Hands off Cuba and regime change America.

“Stop saying the US is the worst government on earth! Others are way worse!”

Name one. Name one that’s currently doing anything that rises to the level of murdering millions and displacing tens of millions in imperialist wars and working to destroy any nation which disobeys it.

You can’t. You can’t name a single government that’s anywhere near as destructive and tyrannical as Washington today. All you can do is talk about what other governments have done generations in the past or pretend domestic oppression is as bad as killing millions in unjust wars.

The US is the most tyrannical regime on earth. Indisputably. Yet because it has such an effective propaganda machine, few people let this indisputable fact inform their worldview and foreign policy perspectives to the extent that they should.

People only believe the US military can be used to solve problems because they’ve spent their lives watching Hollywood movies glorifying the troops and showing happy endings being reached by Good Guys shooting Bad Guys. That’s why they fall for the bullshit over and over again.

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@CB @CB and users of earth resources may be right in absolute terms but on a per capita basis don't hold a candle to the US.

Also too, the amount of innovation and awareness at both government and local levels of things that are being done to mitigate harm to the environment and local ecology is much more directed and intense in both of those countries than in the US.

About the concentration camps and Uihgar (sp?) relearning: we have satellites which see a person on the ground. Where are the sat photos from a reliable source showing these? Hmmmm?

And I still have cognitive dissonance over what supposedly is/was a cooperative gain of function virus research in China and around Russia, all nations we are at odds with or are we are told our worst enemies. If we were/are outsourcing biowarfare/engineering to other labs on the planet then why would it be potential targets of conflict. And our tax dollars are being used for these fun projects and where?

Confirmation of US Biowarfare, much of it from FOIA requests, and interviews with some involved.

Requester’s Voice: Kris Newby, author of Bitten: The Secret History of Lyme Disease and Biological Weapons

Lyme Disease and biowarfare

And then — then these two things happened that made me feel like I couldn’t walk away from the story.

One was that I was at a party and someone told me that — he’s a confidential source, so I can’t give you any details but he was absolutely a real guy — he was talking about his time in CIA dark ops during the Cold War and he told me some horrendous things he had done. And then he said, “The strangest thing I ever did was drop two boxes full of ticks on Cuban sugar cane workers during the Castro regime as part of the total economic warfare and revenge for Bay of Pigs.”

Willy Burghdorfer

So then I went out to see him. That’s when he said, “Yeah, I was in the biological weapons program during the whole Cold War. I was a consultant to Detrick. They asked me to put plague in fleas. They asked me to try and figure out how to make, how to reproduce ticks really quickly so that you can drop boxes of them on people. I tried to package fleas with plague so that you could drop them in bombs that would burst open above a battalion-size area.”

There is no question that we weaponized insects for war. Through most of the 50s and in the early 60s, we had a series of feasibility studies of packing ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes with dangerous pathogens — some incapacitating, some deadly — to find the perfect mix for the Pentagon’s objective for a certain area. There is stuff they wanted in Vietnam, stuff they wanted in Siberia, Kiev, you know, to attack the breadbasket of the Soviet Union with anti-crop and anti-personnel and incapacitating weapons. No doubt of that.

The thing that was new that the book brought out was the extent of the tick-borne weapons program. And also that we actually dropped infected ticks on Cuba and that we released hundreds of thousands of Lone Star ticks and other ticks in coastal Virginia, made them radioactive so that we could track them over months and years to see how far they would spread if we were to drop them on the Soviet Union.

This interview in State of the Nation is very conversational, but the key points from Newby's book are there with her statements on sources.

It's beginning to look like those hair on fire people who said there were government research especially at Detrich and other US-based labs where there were accidental and purposeful releases of critters and pathogens and critters capable of picking up environmental pathogens.

It confirms to me what CB has been saying about the possibility of multiple points of origin before Wuhan. Interestingly, Italy and France.

I think lockdowns are coming back even though the government here is saying we can't go to the hospital if we haven't had our 'vaccines'.

On full FLCCC protocol. Safer for others, us and varients. As far as I know. If we take these we can purge them if something goes wrong.

Our immune systems have been exposed to farm sprays and chemicals, water and airborne toxins, severe mold, and severe unventilated gas exhaust.

We are not anti-vaxxers being flu and pneumonia injected yearly until our docs told us we couldn't because of our immune system fragilities.

We have been isolated now for a year and a half. But we choose to and use N95 masks when we go out. Rinse and gargle with sea salt and Betadine.

I still hope to sing before my voice is too old. Love the year we had here doing some incredible stuff. Our director is trying to reopen choir, but our rehearsals are in a smaller church and he has diabetes. We are hanging back for now. Oh to sing again with a fifty five voice choir in eight voices doing Berlioz. Oh my.

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A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they know they shall never sit. Allegedly Greek, but more possibly fairly modern quote.

Consider helping by donating using the button in the upper left hand corner. Thank you.

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@CB ...the argument that "other countries are worse" is better phrased as "other countries WOULD BE worse" - the argument (at least when a neocon-apologist is stuck arguing one-on-one with someone who can't just be fooled by jingoism) being not that America isn't committing atrocities the world over, but IF ANYONE ELSE were The One Global Hyperpower, it would be comitting MORE and WORSE atrocities. Neocons assume (possibly as THE foundation of their faith) that the world MUST INEVITABLY be run by The Biggest Bully On The Block.

"The Christian resolution to find the world ugly and bad has made the world ugly and bad."
- Friedrich Nietzsche

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We live in a society in which "we live in a society" is now considered a subversive and vaguely-threatening statement.

In the Land of the Blind, the one-eyed man is declared insane when he speaks of colors.